Weekend Announcements November 23-25th: Dragonfly Chronicles, Warborn and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Another weekend has passed and Black Friday fever seems to have nerfed the news somewhat. While the smaller indie studios continue to reveal their titles during the quietest period of the week, we only have four games that nearly fell through the cracks, only some of which are confirmed specifically for PlayStation 4 right now. You can get a closer glimpse at all of these titles below.

Doug Flutie's Maximum Football

After an absence of nine years, the Maximum Football franchise returned to consoles in the form of Canadian Football 2017. This was followed up by this year's Maximum Football 2018, and now Canuck Play intends to continue the franchise next year with another instalment that will include "U.S. College, Canadian, and U.S. professional" rule sets. Having teamed up with American football quarterback Doug Flutie, the franchise will don his moniker over the next few years, with the first title due to arrive on unspecified platforms in Fall 2019.

Doug Flutie

Dragonfly Chronicles (Vita)

Marco Ayala Games' title is a rarity given the current climate. Coming exclusively to PlayStation Vita, the "2D action-adventure game" draws inspiration from old-school action titles, with gameplay mechanics, controls and music reminiscent of those days but with more modern graphics. Players assume the role of Mark West, whose father died in mysterious circumstances. To find out what really happened and exact revenge, Mark enters the secret government facility known as The Dragonfly, where human experimentation is commonplace. Not only is the complex dangerous in itself, there will be plenty of enemies trying to stop him. You'll be able to help him get his revenge when the game arrives next month.

Fractured Minds

18-year-old Emily Mitchell has already won a BAFTA for her puzzle game that explores the struggles of living with mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Meant to be "provocative and at times uncomfortable", players must solve puzzles to be able to move on to the next level while experiencing feelings of being isolated and trapped, all while normal everyday situations become far more difficult and take on a form that people free of mental health issues wouldn't necessarily recognise. Since winning the award, the game has been picked up by a publisher and will be released on "all formats" later this year.


Raredrop Games' turn-based strategy game takes place in a solar system gripped by war and puts players in charge of a force of giant mecha as they battle for supremacy. They'll need to issue commands, halp them move around the battlefield and take on their opponents in "dramatic animated battle sequences". There are four commanders to pick, each of which has their own skills, personal mecha and playstyle. As well as the single player campaign, there will be 1v1 online multiplayer matches too when the game arrives on PlayStation 4 next year.

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