Darksiders III Horse With No Name Trailer Introduces Rampage

By Rebecca Smith,
"A Horse with No Name" was the most successful hit for the band America despite being banned in some areas for perceived references to the use of heroin. The song actually has nothing to do with that, instead being intended to combine the imagery of two paintings found at the band's recording studio: a Salvador Dalí picture of a sweltering desert, and a M.C. Escher picture of a strange horse. Developer Gunfire Games has found the song to be the perfect inspiration for their next trailer for , unsurprisingly titled "Horse with No Name".

As Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney cover the song in the background, we see protagonist Fury travelling through the desert on her steed, a black horse with blue flames for his mane, tail, and hooves. The only difference is that Fury's horse has a name. Meet Rampage.

While the trailer is fairly peaceful, the latest screenshots for the game show Fury exploring a large cave network, meeting quite a few different characters along the way, some of which don't look too friendly.

You'll not have long to wait to make her journey yourself as the game is due to be released next week, on November 27th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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