Weekend Announcements November 16-18th: Draugen, Five Nights at Freddy's & More

By Rebecca Smith,
The weekend that just passed was a little busier than last week and we have double the number of titles to see today. The ten new games cover a range of genres and not all are quite confirmed to be heading to PlayStation just yet. Still, we feel they deserve a mention anyway and you can meet them all in more detail below.


In Electronic Motion Games' "sad brain teasing puzzle-platform game", players assume the role of a voodoo doll named Adi. He finds himself lost in the sorrow forest and the only way regain his memory is to rescue the lost souls he finds there. The only way he'll do that is to perform multiple actions at the same time, but he's only one doll. However, if he dies after his actions, he'll return to life alongside his past self. By co-operating with his past self and interacting with other characters, he should be able to solve all of the puzzles and find peace once again. As well as the single-player campaign, there's a local co-op mode where players will solve individual levels. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 in Q4 2018/Q1 2019.

Blazing Chrome

Joymasher has teamed up with The Arcade Crew to bring their "retro-inspired" co-op side-scrolling shooter to PlayStation 4. Mavra is a lone resistance fighter while Doyle is a robotic insurgent with a rebellious streak. The two are tasked with ridding Earth of its merciless AI so that humanity can rule the planet again. Players will be able to make use of power-ups, a variety of exosuits, and a range of futuristic weaponry to deliver carnage when the game is released early next year.


We're cheating a bit with this one, because we have actually met Red Thread Games' "single-player, first-person Fjord Noir mystery" before. However, when it was first announced five years ago (before then going completely silent), it was a different game. Now, after several reboots, players are still heading to Norway in the 1920's, but this time you're heading to a coastal community to look for the protagonist's missing sister. You'll be accompanied by his "gregarious and enigmatic young ward", who clearly has far more enthusiasm for the task than he does if the trailer is anything to go by. The game is now aiming for PlayStation 4 in 2019.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Developer Scott Cawthon is a busy man with a lot of projects currently in progress. Most of those projects are aiming for PC, but in a large update post on one of those games, he mentioned that he had teamed up with Clickteam to create "new, improved, HD ports of all of the original games" for consoles. Which titles out of his survival horror franchise this involves, we don't know, but there are currently five games if you don't count the spinoffs. As a security guard, players are tasked with surviving five nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza where the animatronic robots aren't as friendly as they first appear. The ports will be released on PlayStation 4, but we don't know when either.

Five Nights at Freddy's

In Death

The first PlayStation VR announcement for this week comes in the form of Sólfar's "roguelike VR shooter" set in a Medieval world. As the hero, players must travel between the depths of Purgatory and the floating islands of the more harmonious Paradise Lost as they attempt to create harmony in the Afterlife. The game features randomly generated levels and enemies, and only offers checkpoints upon the completion of a chapter. The game features an "achievement-based progression system" where weapon upgrades and skills can be unlocked that will persist across runs, but unlocking these achievements also makes the enemies tougher. As well as the single player campaign, the game will offer the chance for players to compete against each other using exactly the same conditions. YOu won't have long to wait to try it out as it releases next week on November 27th.

Kova: AlphaLink

Black Hive Media's "metroidvania RPG" takes place in a distant future where humans have colonised many planets across the galaxies and technology has progressed immensely. Players assume the role of the titular Kova Rimor, a female space mercenary looking for a bunch of space pirates. As she looks for them, she is attacked by another ship and crash lands on an uninhabited planet, where she finds a mysterious shard of unknown origin. Is the shard the reason why humans are alone in the universe? As she investigates the shard further, she'll explore many different planets, make friends and foes, battle hostile enemies, upgrade her ship, suit and weapons, and take on side missions to earn more money. The world will be open for exploring when the game is released on PlayStation 4 later this year.

Light Fairytale Episode 1

In their "3D turn-based Japanese-style RPG", neko.works aims to combine elements of 90's style JRPGS with modern graphics and gameplay. After technology and science combined to cause a disaster with irreversible effects, humanity has resorted to living underground. Over the thousands of years since they set foot on the planet's surface, everything has crumbled to dust and has long since been forgotten. Haru is a young boy who has dreams about the surface, and with the help of a "mysterious, silver haired girl", he's on an adventure to discover its lost treasures. The game will be heading to PlayStation 4 early next year.

Shakes on a Plane

No, the title isn't a typo. Animera Games' "physics-based time-management game" is Overcooked on a plane. Players manage a cabin crew on a passenger airliner where they have to deal with travel sickness, preparing and serving food, cleaning up the rubbish, and the everyday occurrence of getting them ready for a paradrop. Of course, when it comes to jetlagged passengers, not everybody is going to co-operate. Each of the player characters will have their own personality and abilities. The developer recommends the game is at its best with 2-4 players, but there is a single-player mode for those who prefer not to be sociable. The game is arriving on PC in Q3 2019 and will arrive on unspecified consoles after that.

Voronium – Locust Sols

Gamalocus' VR game combines elements of tower defence and first-person shooter with a "tech-noir storyline". The game is set on a faraway planet after the destruction of Earth has led humanity to find a new home. This quest is led by machines that can withstand the huge distances. These machines rely on a supply of Voronium to keep them going — it's an energy source that defies the common laws of physics and is highly sought after, not just by mankind either. Players must make sure they secure the sources of Voronium so they can survive, and to do this they'll need to destroy anything else that tries to stop them. The title has just launched on PC and will be arriving on PlayStation VR "shortly after".

Publisher Arc System Works had been fairly quiet of late, but that didn't mean they were running out of things to do. Their next project is to bring Toybox's "mystery adventure visual novel" to the west. After a mysterious incident, the game's male protagonist moves from a large city to the seaside town of Mihate where he lives with his uncle. He attends Mihate High School and soon makes friends with the cheerful Maimi Kusunose and the quieter Miu Amana, the game's two heroines. The game tells the story of their summer adventures, and how he interacts with the two girls will affect the way the world changes and how the story will unfold. The title will be arriving on PlayStation 4 in spring 2019.


Will you be picking up any of these titles?
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