PlayStation 5: Square Enix Artist Claims To Be Working On A PS5 Title

By Sam Quirke,
More evidence that the PlayStation 5 is just around the corner (and that it will be called PS5), as a Square Enix employee adds a reference to a "New AAA title for PS5" to their work credits on LinkedIn.

A 3D Character Artist at the company updated their LinkedIn profile saying that their work at Luminous Collective included a mysterious new AAA game for Sony's next-gen console. The credit has since been removed, but not before ResetEra grabbed a screenshot:


If you've been following Square Enix news recently you'll know that Luminous Collective is the subsidiary company set up by Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata that initially worked on the game's DLC episodes. With the departure of Hajime Tabata and the cancellation of the remaining three DLC episodes, Luminous Collective have already announced that they are re-focusing on a brand new AAA title. If this leak is anything to go by, we now know that their project is already working towards a PlayStation 5 release.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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