Spider-Man Co-Creator Stan Lee Passes Away at 95

By Sam Quirke,
2018 has been a tough year for Spider-Man fans, not to mention fans of Marvel and comics in general. Both of the web-slinger's creators have passed away within a few months of each other, with Steve Ditko passing back in June and the great Stan Lee himself passing away just last night. Mr. Lee was 95.

Spider-Man is widely regarded as the defining creation of Stan Lee's Marvel empire.Spider-Man is widely regarded as the defining creation of Stan Lee's Marvel empire.

Stan Lee was responsible for the creation or co-creation of many of Marvel's most iconic characters, and under his chairmanship the Marvel brand rose to become the media behemoth we know today. Since the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the last decade, Mr. Lee made sure to have a cameo in every movie in the style of Alfred Hitchcock, often playing innocuous bystanders with a single line of dialogue. This extended into the company's video game projects, with Mr. Lee appearing all over LEGO Marvel Super Heroes as a series of hidden collectibles. Most recently he appeared as a fry-cook in Peter and MJ's favourite restaurant in Insomniac's Spider-Man — likely one of his last acting roles, though we assume he will also appear in the recently wrapped Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel movies.

Stan Lee in Insomniac's Spider-ManStan Lee in Insomniac's Spider-Man

Insomniac haven't yet made an official statement on the news, though they have retweeted Marvel's official obituary which you can read in full here. Meanwhile, a popular Reddit thread is making suggestions for a monument of some sort to Mr. Lee in Insomniac's game. We wouldn't be surprised to see Insomniac honour their star's original creator in some form.

Rest in peace, Stan Lee. 1922-2018.

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