Weekend Announcements November 2-4th: MLB The Show, Bubsy, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
If you've been following along with the news over the last few days, you'll have seen our week of announcements where we revealed 75 titles across five days. This week isn't as busy, but there are still eight games for us to introduce today. Amongst those games are the latest in the MLB The Show franchise, the return of a familiar mascot, and a Dreamworks Dragons film tie-in. You can take a closer look at them all below.

Alchemic Cutie

Vakman is bringing their "relaxing adventure RPG" to unspecified consoles thanks to publisher CIRCLE Entertainment. Players take up residence on Wimba Island where they're tasked with taming, breeding and raising wild jellies, each of which has their own unique stats and traits. Players can use alchemy to make special items or alter existing items to give their jellies powerful abilities before entering into competitions to win prizes. Along the way, there will also be people to meet, secrets to discover, and quests to fulfil. The title is due to arrive in 2019.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

Last year, forgotten mascot Bubsy appeared on PlayStation 4 after an absence of 21 years. Now the mascot is in new hands again after development duties for this title were passed to Choice Provisions. Joined by three of his friends, each of whom have their own gameplay mechanics, Bubsy will have to make it through over 100 levels as players see him put aside his rivalry with The Woolies and form an uneasy alliance. In fact, the game sees several older Bubsy characters return to the title — Oinker, Terri, Terry, and Virgil Reality. The title will be working its way to PlayStation 4 in 2019 thanks to publisher Accolade.

DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders

Outright Games is quickly becoming the go-to publisher for kids' titles on the PlayStation 4. Their latest venture sees them teaming up with Climax Studios and Bandai Namco to bring the DreamWorks Dragons franchise to the modern generation of consoles. Despite aiming to release alongside the upcoming film, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, the action adventure title features an original story that sees a new villain, Eir, forcing dragons to perform her evil doings. It's up to new duo, Scribbler and Patch, to defeat her and save their friends. As well as new characters, the game will include new locations, although some familiar faces and places will also appear. The game is currently aiming for release in February 2019.


Black Delta's "extreme kart racing sim" pits players against 20 other drivers as they race for a place on the podium across "fully recreated" licensed circuits from around the world. Of course, karts don't have suspension so you'll feel every bump and kerb as you make your way around the track. Players will be able to customise their karts and drivers with gear from official brands before taking on either the AI or other players online. The game has just entered Early Access on PC but will be coming to PlayStation 4 in Q3 2019 thanks to publisher IMGN.Pro.

Maid of Sker (PS4)

Wales Interactive isn't just known for publishing FMV titles. In fact, their own title is a "first-person stealth survival horror" game that draws inspiration from R.D. Blackmore’s novel, The Maid of Sker, and a Welsh ballad also called Y Ferch o’r Sger (The Maid of Sker). The year is 1898 and players find themselves in the shoes of Thomas Evans, a musician who has fallen in love with Elizabeth Williams. Their love is forbidden and he must face the family of Sker House and all of the "torture, slavery, piracy and supernatural mystery" that come with it. This includes enemies with super hearing that can only be avoided by making no sound. Players must make decisions that affect the direction of their story and the ending they receive. How will you fare when the title is released on PlayStation 4 in Q3 2019?

MLB The Show 19

To absolutely nobody's surprise, Sony has revealed they're making a new instalment of their baseball franchise. They revealed very few details about the game save Bryce Harper will be the player adorning its cover, and it will be released on PlayStation 4 on March 26th, 2019 in North America and March 27th in Europe and Australia. The game will come with a variety of pre-order bonuses and special editions; you can read about those here for North America and here for Europe/Australia.

The Coma 2

Devespresso Games has revealed they're working on a sequel to The Coma: Recut. The "survival-horror adventure" takes place after the events of the first game. Mina Park finds herself in the shadow world known as The Coma and must find a way back home while avoiding traps and the psychotic killer known as Dark Song. Every bit of damage he does is permanent, so you need to find a way out before his attention becomes fatal. The game promises new mechanics, as well as taking players into the Sehwa District that surrounded the school in the previous title. The title will head to unknown platforms next year.

Tower Princess

AweKteam has teamed up with Square Enix Collective to bring their title to PlayStation 4. Inspired by classic action titles and 3D platformers, the game takes the tried and tested "knight enters in the dungeon, rescues the princess and kills the Dragon" trope and takes it a bit further. Yes, you still have to rescue the prince/princess from all of the monsters and traps, but you also have to date him/her and earn his/her love. Every time players enter the dungeon, the loot, dangers, dungeon layout, prince/princess, and even the main character will change, meaning players will need to switch up their tactics to be successful. Players will also be able to team up with others to take on the dungeon in co-op mode. The game is a little way off, not due to arrive until early 2020, but I'm sure we'll hear more about it before then.

Will you be picking up any of these titles?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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