Wordhunters Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the trophy list for Wordhunters, which is developed and published by thumbfood.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Wordhunters Trophies page.

There are 39 trophies, none of which are hidden:

Name Description
Wordhunters Champ! Unlock all trophies
All the Friends Complete a 6-player game of Wordhunters
Lucky Number Seven Get a 7-letter word in Word Blast or Word Finder
Wordaholic Complete 25 playthroughs
Conundrum All players guess the correct answer in a round of Anagram Solver
Expert Complete 10 games of Wordhunters
High Roller Use all three upgrades in a game of Wordhunters
Hit for Six Get a 6-letter word in Word Builder
Jinx All players give the same answer in Word Builder
Lots of Friends Complete a 5-player game of Wordhunters
Mastermind Score 50 or over in Word Search
Pieces of Eight Get an 8-letter word in Word Builder
Upgraded to First Win a game of Wordhunters after playing an upgrade card
Never Turn Right Win every single game
Quick Match Win a game of Pairs within 9 seconds
Perfect Forgery Win a game of Real Or Fake without making a mistake
Stack Attack Complete a game of Letter Stack without losing a life
Extended Extend a word to be 8 (or more) letters long
All You Can Eat Build an 8-letter (or longer) word in Word Sushi
Better Late Than Never A player joins during the middle of a game
Diversion Success Win a game after playing your Diversion upgrade
Duo Complete a 2-player game of Wordhunters
Extra Extra Win a game after playing your Extra Letter upgrade
Jetsetter Visit all 20 destinations in the game
Novice Complete 5 games of Wordhunters
Quartet Complete a 4-player game of Wordhunters
Seasoned Traveler Play each of the 15 games at least once
Timely Victory Win a game after giving yourself a time advantage
Touch Typist Complete a round of Find the Letters in under 4 seconds
Trio Complete a 3-player game of Wordhunters
Unanimous Everyone votes for the same destination
Forget Me Not Win a game of Alphabetty Forgetty without making a single mistake
Hat Trick Win three games in a row
Safecracker Win a game of Find the Combination within 15 seconds
Tie Break All players are only one letter away from completing their secret word
Short-Changed Win a game in a location whose name doesn't contain any letters you need
Quick Finder Type every word in a game of Find the Letters before your opponents
E-VOWEL-ution Win all 3 rounds in a game of Disemvoweled
Perfect Removal Complete a game of Once Removed without making a mistake
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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