Overwatch Introduces New Gunslinger Ashe To The Roster

By Sam Quirke, 6 months ago
Not wanting to miss out on everyone's current Wild West kick, Blizzard have announced that the 29th character to join the Overwatch roster will be the gun-toting Deadlock Gang leader Ashe, along with her omnic pal B.O.B.

The notorious Deadlock Gang has menaced the American Southwest with Ashe taking the lead, according to the official bio. Ashe is rated as a 2 star difficulty Damage Hero with a semi-automatic rifle called The Viper. She also throws dynamite, which can either blow on its fuse or when shot. The resulting explosion will also cause fire damage over time. Ashe's Coach Gun ability knocks enemies in front of her backwards and forces her back in the opposite direction, creating instant distance when required. Finally, she can summon her omnic sidekick, the bowler-hatted B.O.B., to charge in and send enemies flying before laying down suppressive fire.

Below you will find Ashe's official introduction, followed by her origin story.

Ashe has been playable at this year's Blizzcon, and is expected to hit the PC Public Test Realm soon followed by the game's console editions.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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