A Week of Announcements Part 5: Summer in Mara, This Is Pool, Trine 4, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
We've spent the entire week introducing the many new titles that will be making their way to PlayStation platforms over the next few months. So far, 60 titles have flashed across the front page, and today brings the final 15 titles in the stack of 75 that you may have missed. Like always, check out the list below to see if there's anything that catches your eye.

Summer in Mara (EU)

The creators of Deiland are back with their "single player experience in a calm, chilling environment", inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Stardew Valley, and Studio Ghibli films. Players assume the role of Koa, an young girl who has to take care of Mara, an island in the middle of the ocean. You'll need to hunt for food, harvest resources, improve your skills, upgrade your boat, and build your community on your island. Despite this, she also has a yearning to explore the world, so she heads off to surrounding islands to take on missions and meet other characters, each of whom will tell you secrets or where to hunt for treasure. Chibig Studio will be bringing their title to PlayStation 4 next year.

Tale of the Fragmented Star: Single Fragment Version

Jitenshasougyou has teamed up with Mediascape to bring their "PlayStation VR dedicated adventure game" to the west. A young girl finds herself on a star devoid of power, so she can't escape or tell others where she is. However, there is one point on the star that intersects with the world the player inhabits, and by standing at this point in their own world, the player can communicate with the girl using an Otherworld-Viewing Device. By working together, the pair might just be able to restore the star's power and allow the girl to escape. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4 soon.

The Awakened

Raylight Games' next title is heading away from both construction simulation and casino mini-games. This "thriller with horror traits set in the Victorian era" throws players into the world of former detective Robert Royce, who fell into disgrace while conducting an investigation into his friend's murder. His discoveries uncover an evil cult wishing to gain control of London, and perhaps even the world, but how much is he involved in their dodgy dealings? Players will get to find out when the game is released for PlayStation VR in the future.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

A Brave Plan's "narrative-driven first person experience" takes place at the Stonehenge Museum. Here, a company called Bradwell Electronics is showcasing their Clean Water Initiative, hailed as a "technical breakthrough guaranteed to change the world". After an explosion rocks the building, players wake up in the shoes of a "mystery protagonist" who must find a means of escape. In doing so, they find another survivor, Amber, who's trapped behind a locked door. Using the company's Bradwell AR Smart Glasses, they communicate with each other and work together to find their way out, but their investigations into the company's secret underground complex uncovers some uncomfortable truths. The title will be heading to "multiple platforms" in the future.

The Collage Atlas

John Evelyn's beautiful hand-drawn dream world is initially what players would consider to be idyllic, with grand gardens stretching into the distance, butterflies drawn to the light, and random grandfather clocks springing out of the grass. However, some areas of the world appear to be in turmoil, with broken archways and scattered fences seemingly the result of the pages of a picture book that have been torn out and destroyed. The first-person adventure simply tasks players with wandering through the world, choosing their own direction as they collect the scraps of the drawings and collect them together in a picture frame. The game is released on unspecified consoles next year. While not showing much gameplay, the trailer below shows exactly what to expect from the game's environment.

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition

The final title from Merge Games is Still Running's "mad-cap, top-down 80s shooter". As the title suggests, players take on a variety of mutated and now lethal walking vegetables. You certainly don't want to eat these greens — they're more likely to eat you. Players are initially armed with just a pistol, but as they progress they'll be able to upgrade their weapons and find more gadgets. Each playthrough features randomised buildings, levels, enemies, bosses, weapons and items. Choose whether to take on these enemies on your own or together with a friend when the game is released on PlayStation 4 this fall.

This Is Pool

Voofoo Studios is turning their attention back to the game of pool with a new IP. Using a new game engine, the studio is promising "new benchmarks for graphical fidelity and hyper-realistic gameplay". The title will include "every major rule-set played worldwide", as well as a practice mode, career mode, mini-games, trickshots and challenges, customisable games, and multiplayer matches both locally and online. As well as the normal "player" camera view, there will be a top-down camera view for players to use too. The title will be heading to PlayStation 4 early next year.

Tracks: The Train Set Game

If you ever played with Brio or any other type of wooden train set as a child, Excalibur's third title will bring back those memories. Whoop Group's simulator allows players to build all kinds of tracks, from the simple to the elaborate, in "an easy-to-use editor". As well as the free-build mode that features a variety of environments, there will be set objectives to be completed, such as building a track to transport cargo efficiently.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Frozenbyte has teamed up with Modus Games to bring their fantasy action series back to PlayStation 4 with a fourth instalment. Details on the upcoming title are scarce, aside from the developer promises it will be "the best in the series". The game will arrive in 2019 and more information is promised soon.


Ultimate Fishing Simulator (EU)

Not to be confused with Sanuk Games' offering on Wednesday, Ultimate Games is creating their own fishing simulator, although this one is quite a way off from release. Developed by Bit Golem, players have a choice of seven locations based on real places, as well as two spots specifically for ice fishing. Players will have to perfect a range of fishing techniques, like spinning, bottom and fly fishing. The title offers "several dozen" fish species, dynamic weather, a variety of boats, the ability to develop skills, a fishery editor, multiplayer modes, and an "additional view from the perspective of the bait". The title will eventually arrive on PlayStation 4 in Q4 2019.

Unbound: Worlds Apart

Alien Pixel Studios' side-scrolling puzzle platformer puts players into a dark fairy tale world ravaged by a catastrophe, with monsters roaming the land and vicious plants blocking the way ahead. Soli is determined to learn more about his world, but to get around he needs to use magic portals that allow him to travel between different realities and avoid the obstacles that get in his way. At the moment, the game is guaranteed to come to PC and Switch, but there's a strong possibility of coming to other consoles in the future.

Willowbrooke Post

Excalibur's final title was revealed live on stage at EGX. Dubbed "Animal Crossing meets Papers, Please", players are tasked with running the family post office for a year after your parents go away unexpectedly. Beginning with just a few coins and help from a friend, you'll need to manage the post office's finances, uphold your family's reputation, get to know the community, and make sure the post is delivered. Your actions will impact on your relationship with each community member. Deliver the post as expected and they'll be pleased. Open and read their letters and you might see a different side.

Xenon Racer

Teased a few weeks ago, SOEDESCO's new title is indeed a racing game. After numerous incorrect predictions by others (so far), it seems like the year 2030 is when flying cars will be prevalent, at least if developer 3DClouds.it is correct. To give them one final hurrah, a racing championship tournament has been organised for more traditional wheeled vehicles, now powered by Xenon gas. The futuristic streets covered in neon are the settings for the tournament, travelling across the world to locations such as Dubai and Tokyo. However, if you want to reach those breakneck speeds and claim victory, you're still going to have to overcome the effects of massive g-forces. The title will be flying onto PlayStation 4 "soon".

YouTubers Life OMG

Already released on PC and mobile, U-Play Online's "ultimate life simulation game" will be arriving on PlayStation 4 in the form of an OMG Edition. As you can possibly assume from the title, the aim of the game is to become the most successful youtuber in the world. Starting from a room in your parents' house, you'll be creating videos, gaining subscribers and interact with commenters. Once you become big enough, you'll be able to attend events, monetise content, sign exclusive deals and sponsorships, and gain fame as a popular influencer, but that will also bring the haters, of course. You can choose to specialise in gaming, music, or cooking, or spread your time between all three subjects. How big will your career get? You'll be able to find out when the game arrives on November 14th thanks to publisher Raiser Games.

Zeus' Battlegrounds

Industry Games is making their PlayStation 4 debut with their "free-to-play, melee-based, 100+ player Battle Royale game". Set during the period of Olympus and the Greek Gods, players are summoned by Zeus to duke it out against all of the other Demigods. The overall winner will be awarded their "rightful place" on Olympus. Along the way, you'll be able to collect "Godlike Gear and Legendary Weapons" to increase your chances of success across each season. Matches will be available for solo players and teams of up to four players.

After seeing 75 titles, surely there's something that has attracted your attention. Let us know in the comments below.
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