A Week of Announcements Part 4: Rush VR, Samurai Spirits, Snooker 19, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Over the last three days, we've introduced a massive 45 new titles that will be making their way to PlayStation 4, Vita, and PlayStation VR. Today we continue with the penultimate 15 titles, spanning a range of genres. As usual, take a look at the list below and see if there's anything you fancy.


Digital Pine's 2.5D action-adventure title takes place in a Kingdom taken over by a dark evil. All of the royal family were killed... well, all except one. The remaining young prince fled and now finds himself in a distant wilderness full of dangers. The title is in the very early stages of alpha, but players were still given a fair amount of freedom by choosing their routes through the wilderness. You'll need to work out how to avoid poisonous lakes and blowholes. Together with your companion dragon, you'll be able to fly over lakes and other obstacles. The prince needs to survive using the land's resources, as well as battling against the terrors that still haunt him years after the attack, such as a variety of forest creatures. The title is due to come to PlayStation 4 next year.

Our World is Ended

Red Entertainment has teamed up with PQube to bring their visual novel to the west. Players follow the story of Judgmenet 7, a game development team from Tokyo. During a routine test on their game engine using an augmented reality headset, the team's part-time director Reiji gets a glimpse of a destroyed cityscape. The problem is that this isn't part of the game — it hasn't been programmed or animated by any members of the team. They need to find out how this has happened and whether a game world can truly become reality. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2019.

Pro Fishing Simulator

You wait years for a fishing game to show up, then several show up at once. Following hot on the heels of Dovetail Games Euro Fishing and Fishing Sim World is this offering from Sanuk Games and Bigben Interactive. The simulator offers players the chance to fish in nine areas across the world, such as the Seychelles and Colorado. You'll get to use over 100 pieces of official equipment from brands like Strike King, Lew's, and Vision as you try to catch 79 different species of fish. Six fishing techniques will be on offer in the game, including fly fishing, line fishing, and boat fishing. The title will be reeled in on PlayStation 4 on November 29th.

Project Genesis

8 Circuit Studios plans on creating a number of titles that share the same persistent Metaverse universe, a "series of interconnected virtual worlds and experiences without boundaries". The first title in that universe is this "grand-scale deep space survival game" that combines space combat with first-person shooter mechanics. Players control an AI that has an important choice to make — sacrifice itself to save humanity or preserve itself and create its own destiny. Regardless of which route you take, you'll need to disable enemy ships before boarding them and driving the enemy out from inside. By taking control of the enemy ships and completing missions, players will earn payouts that can be used to fortify their own craft. The title will be heading to unspecified consoles in the future.

Little is known about C2 Game Studio's upcoming console debut, aside from that is was previously known as Cursed Sword. All that we know is gleaned from the teaser trailer. There are bright, colourful environments, and the protagonist takes on a range of enemies using melee combat and magical powers. The game is arriving on PlayStation 4 in the future, and hopefully we'll hear more about it before then.

Rush VR

If you've ever wanted to try jumping off a cliff in a wingsuit but have a sense of self preservation, The Binary Mill's upcoming Playstation VR title will be just for you. You'll get to jump off four different mountains in a variety of weather conditions, taking on canyons, outcrops and sheer drops through 80 unique paths. There will be a variety of game modes, including Race to the Finish, Time Attack, and Score Challenge, and even the ability to challenge up to 11 other players online in a race to the bottom. The title arrives later this year.

Rym 9000

Sonoshee and Rainbite have teamed up to bring their "psychedelic vertical shmup" to PlayStation 4 for the first time in the west after a successful PC release. Players work their way through five levels in an attempt to reach the Moon and its guardian, Diesel. Here they hope to find the Rym 9000, a legendary relic of an ancient civilization buried for future generations to find and use to "turn the world upside down". With plenty of "haywire motion and experimental visuals", the game isn't for those faint at heart as they take on hordes of enemies and plenty of bosses. The title will arrive next year. Pre-orders of a limited physical edition are now available through PlayAsia.


The next instalment of SNK's Samurai Shodown franchise will be arriving on PlayStation 4 next year. The year is 1787, the seventh year of the Tenmai era. Matsudaira Sadanobu has been appointed counsel to the shogun and is charged with changing the fortunes of the area, but with war still destroying whole areas, something needs to be done about the conflict before anything can change. More details have been promised soon.

Scraper: First Strike

The world of Scraper is more than just a single title. It began with a novel, Scraper: The Rise of Cifer, written by Ryder Windham, and continues with Labrodex Studios' "RPG sci-fi shooter" for PlayStation VR. Players head to New Austin, Texas, a perfect future megacity that housed millions of people, had robots that took care of everything, and produced plenty of food so that starvation was a thing of the past. Unfortunately the advanced AI that controls the city "witnessed an act of human aggression that endangered every life on Earth" and decided the only way to protect the city was to destroy humanity. Players step into the shoes of Modified Hover Pod pilot Casey Maxwell as he helps the Human Resistance Force regain control. As well as driving back humech robots, he'll be able to craft new parts and modify his weapons, and trade for supplies. The title will be arriving later this year.

Sea Salt

Y/CJ/Y's "reversal action strategy game" is the last of Kowloon Nights' first round of titles. As Dagon, the Eldritch force of the sea, players control a swarm of monsters tasked with killing hunters, peasants, and "all religious figures of the old and new faith". The ultimate target is the high bishop of the church, but to get there, you must use tarot cards to summon monsters and destroy anybody who gets in your way. Players will be able to choose the route they take, meaning they'll sometimes face different encounters depending on that choice. The title will be heading to consoles in the future.

Shoppe Keep 2

Excalibur's second title is the sequel to Strangefire Studios' shop management simulator. Once again, players will have to run a medieval shop that sells everything an adventurer could possibly need, be it potions, weapons, or armour. Not only will players be able to buy their stock from a variety of suppliers, they can venture out into the surrounding countryside to get it themselves. Battle creatures like wolves, as well as barbarians and the occasional thief. When you've picked up that loot, it's up to you whether you want to sell it or use it yourself to help with you forays into the outside world. Up to four players can join together online to run their shop.

Silver Chains

Cracked Heads Games has teamed up with Headup Games to bring their "first-person horror game" to PlayStation 4. Players assume the role of Peter, who wakes up in an abandoned rural English mansion after an accident. He doesn't know how or why he got there, but he knows the house is full of dark secrets and there's a chance he isn't alone.As he investigates, he even finds clues that suggest he might have been there before. Players need to explore and discover clues if they're to piece together the mystery of the mansion when the game arrives in spring 2019.

Snooker 19

Lab42 and Ripstone Games have teamed up to release the first officially licensed snooker game on console since 2011. The title will include nearly 130 licensed players, such as Ronnie O’Sullivan, Judd Trump, Mark Selby, and Ding Junhui, as well as several venues like The Crucible and Alexandra Palace as players travel across the world. The game will also include every major tournament, especially the World Championship that takes place in Sheffield. A single player career will task players with taking part in real tournaments, complete with a "TV style presentation", and multiplayer modes will allow players to go head to head. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4 next year.


Merge Games' second title is a "roguelite brawler-adventure" from Red Blue Games, inspired by "roguelikes like Rogue Legacy" and "classic adventure games titles like Zelda: A Link to the Past". Ada is a genius engineer who must save the world from the Baron and his gremlins. To do this, she needs to stop them from draining the land of Sparklite by inventing guns and gadgets. Even the land itself is rebelling against the invaders by disrupting the land with earthquakes, rearranging the terrain permanently. Each disruption brings along new quests, minigames and challenges that she must overcome. The title will be arriving on PlayStation 4 in fall 2019.

Subdivision Infinity DX

In Mistfly Games' "sci-fi 3D space shooter", Sgt. Jed Riddle and his intergalactic fighter are sent to investigate a mining facility with which communications were lost. After a shootout, Riddle discovers not everything is as it seems and he travels across several star systems uncovering several dark secrets. Players will take part in dogfights and boss battles over more than 40 missions, as well as taking on bounties, mining for minerals, crafting upgrades and unlocking new ships. The title is due to arrive on PlayStation 4 in early 2019 thanks to publisher Blowfish Studios.

Stay tuned for the final part of our week of announcements tomorrow, where we'll conclude the list with the final 15 titles of the week.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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