A Week of Announcements Part 2: Double Switch, Hell Warders, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Following on from part one yesterday, we have another 15 new titles for you to see today, for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. There's even PlayStation VR chucked in for good measure. Take a look at the list below and see if there's anything you fancy.

Degrees of Separation

Moondrop Studios has joined forces with Modus Games to bring their "atmospheric 2D puzzle-adventure game" toPlayStation 4. Ember and Rime embody the aspects of hot and cold climates respectively, and they're able to harness the powers of those climates to explore their fantasy world, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles that get in their way. Despite having to work together, the pair remain separated by a force that prevents them from getting too close. Players will be able to take on the challenge on their own or with a co-op partner when the title arrives in February 2019.

Devil Engine

Protoculture Games has teamed up with publisher DANGEN to bring their "high octane, classic styled side scrolling shoot-em-up" to PlayStation 4. The Devil Engine is not the name of the protagonist or the ship they're flying. Instead, it's the name of the single ship originally built to protect Earth, but now it has turned against its creators and threatens to destroy Earth's entire military forces. Players pilot the Andraste, the only hope of defeating the ship and preventing a dark future. The team has drawn influence from 32-bit era shmups and has used that to create the game's aesthetic, soundtrack and variety of locations. The title will be released this winter.

DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition

Jesse Makkonen's "2D psychological horror adventure game" tells the story of Price, a young man looking for promotion at a famous company called McDade, Bruton & Moore. To gain the position of partner, he needs to seize the property of an elderly woman. The problem is this triggers regret, guilt and shame like he's never felt before, and he starts to question whether it's all really worth it. You'll get to find out what he decides when the game is released for PlayStation 4 and Vita "soon" thanks to publisher Ratalaika Games.

Double Switch - 25th Anniversary Edition

Screaming Villains , the team responsible for bringing Night Trap to PlayStation 4 and Vita, is back with another 25-year-old FMV mystery. Eddie Edwards is the owner of the Edward Arms, a mysterious mansion currently being haunted by a killer. By using the traps and security cameras that are installed throughout the building, players must protect its guests and find out the killer's identity before anybody else falls victim. The title is coming to PlayStation 4 on November 12th, although a limited physical version will be available to order from Limited Run on November 2nd.

Doughlings: Arcade

After releasing on PC, Xbox and Switch, Hero Concept is finally bringing their "arcade brick breaker" with a twist to PlayStation 4. Morpheus must heal as many of his Doughling friends as possible during each level. While there are personas that are limited-time power ups that give players special abilities, there are also Show Offs that instead provide a trait that can be used in each level to give alternate gameplay. Players will need to conquer over 90 levels when the game arrives on PlayStation 4 in Q1 2019, and if that's not enough, they'll then be able to create their own levels on the level creation engine.

Effie (EU)

Square Enix Collective may be changing the way they support titles in the future, but one of the last titles to make it through the current submission and voting process is Inverge Studios' "3D action-adventure game with platforming, combat and puzzles mechanics". Players assume the role of a man who was cursed to spend his entire life as an old man. Using a magic shield as a travelling companion, he must overcome a myriad of issues in his quest to regain his youth. The title will be arriving on PlayStation 4 next year thanks to the support of PlayStation Talents.


Dark Crystal Games took to Kickstarter to gather the funds together to bring their "old-school isometric turn-based RPG" to PlayStation 4. In a story set in an alternate version of the 1970s, players are sent in by the CRONUS Foundation to explore a remote area of the desert and the labyrinthine Dome, a mysterious structure built by the Forefathers. It's home to a variety of advanced technology and other artifacts that you want to find, but to do so you'll have to brave its traps, security systems and other anomalies. Not only that, the dome seems to react to your presence and prevents you from leaving. What will you discover when the game is released next year?

Family Man

Not to be confused with yesterday's Damnview, this "first-person story-led RPG" also asks players to choose their moral path. Appearances are deceptive. In an unsuspecting seaside village, you find yourself owing money to the mob, and they've set a 30 day deadline to pay it back. Again, you can choose to take a more legal approach, flipping burgers, helping your neighbours and earning a salary, but then struggling to get the cash together. Alternatively, you can take on dirtier jobs, breaking laws, ruining the lives of your neighbours, and pushing your family away. Your family relationships could become stronger or your marriage could fall apart — the choice is yours. Broken Bear and No More Robots are working together to bring their title to PlayStation 4 early next year.

Flashing Lights

Excalibur Games brought four titles to EGX in September. While all of them are definitely heading to PC, there's a "strong possibility" that each of them is also heading to consoles. The first was Nils Jakrins' emergency services simulator where players can take on the role of the police, fire service, or emergency medical services, each of which will have their own missions. With their fast vehicles and equipment, the police will be responsible for all kinds of criminal incidents. These range from the rather tame handing out of parking tickets to the more adrenaline-fuelled suspect chases. The emergency medical team will be saving lives, while the fire service deals with fires (obviously) and rescuing people from difficult situations. You can even join up with friends in other departments to deal with incidents from different perspectives.

Fringe Wars

Thousands of years of war and conflict has seen the Galaxy dominated by the Terra Empire, the Titanium Information-Industrial Complex, and the Federation of Free Planets. The three powers battle to control the resource-rich asteroid belts that are also vital for depicting borders and providing jumping points. As part of the Star Mercenaries, players fight on behalf of these three powers for nothing more than money and glory. Thinking Stars' team-based multiplayer space game tasks players with controlling capital starships and taking part in tactical warfare across a variety of modes as they fight for their chosen power. Oasis Games is publishing the title for PlayStation 4 in the future.


A Place for the Unwilling isn't the only title Kowloon Nights is funding. In fact, alongside that one and The Darwin Project are three other games that are making their way to consoles. Counterplay Games' AAA "third person online action combat" title that focuses on real time PvE and PvP melee combat is one of those other three, but apart from the brief description you've just seen, little else is known about the game. It will be coming to consoles in the future.

Gun Club VR

The first PlayStation VR title in the list takes players onto a gun range where they can try out a wide variety of weaponry, such as pistols, SMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, and even grenade launchers. There will also be hundreds of different attachments and weapon upgrades to try out. While there will be the standard target range, those looking for more variety will be able to take part in interactive scenarios, such as hostage rescues and a zombie apocalypse. The Binary Mill is bringing their game to PlayStation 4 in the future.


Platine Dispositif's "side-scrolling shoot-em-up" is a rebuilt version of 2003 PC title Gundemonium and its 2007 remake Gundemonium Re:Collection. Players are tasked with capturing the "impregnable Gundemonium". The latest version comes with a variety of improvements and additions, including a new player character, a new game system, and a new enemy. You'll be able to take on the challenge this fall on PlayStation 4 and Vita as the title will be cross-buy. If you fancy a physical copy, the game is currently available in limited quantities from Strictly Limited Games.

Hell Warders

Antigravity Game Studios' "third person action tower defence hybrid" is heading to PlayStation 4 this fall thanks to publisher PQube. Players assume the role of a Hell Warder, one of an ancient order of heroes that has powers and abilities used to defeat hordes of demons. Players can choose from one of three Warders that each has their own skills and weapons, and then they'll have an army of knights, archers, and mages to assist them. Up to four players can take on the demons together online or locally.

Ion Fury

Developer 3D Realms isn't known by PlayStation gamers terribly well, having worked on Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project for Xbox but yet to make their debut on PS3 or PS4. This "retro first-person shooter" is along the same lines as those games, and is the prequel to Bombshell, which also never made it to PS4. In this title, protagonist Shelly is tasked with taking down Dr. Jadus Heskel, a transhumanist mastermind who is causing trouble. Thanks to publisher 1C Entertainment, the game will arrive for PlayStation 4 both physically and digitally in Q2 2019.

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