A Week of Announcements Part 1: Atelier Lulua, Carnival Games, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
If you're not familiar with Weekend Announcements, you would be forgiven. Over the last few weeks, the feature had taken a hiatus, but this week it's back. Not only are there the titles that were revealed across the weekend, we've also got everything you might have missed since last month. This makes a grand total of 75 titles to see covering a wide range of genres. There's so many of them that we've changed the weekend feature into a whole week of new games while we get caught up. Take a look at the list below for details on the first 15 of those titles.

3 Minutes to Midnight

Scarecrow Studios' point-and-click title draws inspiration from classics like The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Sam & Max Hit the Road. An explosion in New Mexico blows up the desert and causes teenager Betty Anderson to get amnesia. While trying to find out what's going on, she finds "a town full of people who aren’t what they seem, a corrupt mayor, a secret military base, the mafia, and a potbelly pig with a vendetta". There's also a secret plot to end the human race. As well as Betty, players will also assume the role of Mayor Eliza Barret as they try to bring a stop to the deep plot when the game is released on PlayStation 4 next year.

A Place for the Unwilling

Kowloon Nights is a new investment fund set up with the aim of helping independent game developers to bring their titles to the market. They do this by tailoring the funding to each studio's needs while letting them keep control of their game's IP, and it is still up to the developer to find a way to publish their title. One of the first wave of games funded by the project is Al Pixel's "sandbox adventure game set in an open world" where players take on the role of just a normal city dwelling trader. You must manage his schedule, arrange trades and earn money to live, interact with other people, and do all the things a normal person would do, but then you must also uncover the mysteries of why the city is dying and why some people are deliberately trying to destroy it. The title is due to arrive on consoles next year.

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

Yak & Co's title puts players in the shoes of the titular Agent A, who is tasked with tracking down enemy spy Ruby La Rouge at her secret hideaway and taking her captive. The problem is that she has a reputation for targeting secret agents belonging to your agency, so you'll need to watch your back. The 1960s world has plenty of "retro-futuristic contraptions, hidden gizmos, [and] gadgets" to put to use to solve puzzles, but it's your observation skills that will be the most important as you need to recognise when something feels out of place. The title makes its way to PlayStation 4 early next year.

Astalon: Tears of the Earth

LABSworks and DANGEN have teamed up to bring their 80s inspired sidescrolling action platformer to PlayStation 4. Players assume the roles of three explorers, each with their own unique skills and personalities, who must travel across the post-apocalyptic desert and save their fellow villagers. Along the way they find a tower that has risen from the depths of the Earth, and it's here they go looking for answers. Those answers take the form of evil monsters, puzzles, and a variety of items that allow them to go further into the tower with every attempt they make. Will they eventually reach the top?

Atelier Lulua ~The Scion of Arland~ (JP)

The Atelier franchise continues with the next instalment of the Arland trilogy. Taking place years after Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, players follow the story of a young alchemist Elmerulia Fryxell who is trying to live up to her mother's legacy. With the help of her childhood friend Eva Armster, she pulls out all the stops to make her dream come true. Players will meet old characters and be able to explore Arland once again, but there will be new synthesis, exploration and battle systems to bring new gameplay mechanics into the fray. The title will head west on PlayStation 4 in spring 2019.

Back In 1995 (Vita)

Throw the warped code out's title does exactly what it says on the tin — it takes players back to the sort of "survival horror and mystery" games found on the PlayStation during that year, complete with polygon graphics and appropriate sound effects. Players enter a typically soulless city after a catastrophe has taken hold. The anonymous protagonist is looking for his missing daughter, and at the same time he must find out the reason for the catastrophe. The title aims to "replicate the unique feeling of those early games" when it appears on PlayStation 4 and Vita thanks to publisher Ratalaika Games.

Big Bash Boom

If you were rueing the lack of cricket games after the disastrous release of Ashes Cricket 2013, you'll be glad to know that developer Big Ant Studios is trying to breathe some life back into the sport. This title focuses on T20 cricket, promising "relentless action, free-flowing sixes, and dramatic run chases". Not only that, there will be flaming trails, powerups, wacky customisation options, and dancing mascots — this game doesn't take itself too seriously despite licensing all BBL and WBBL teams for players to see. The title will be heading to PlayStation 4 on November 29th.


Sudden Event Studios' multiplayer arena battler tasks up to four players with throwing bombs at each other until one person is left standing. Not only will you need to be careful to hit your target with your bombs, but you'll need to make sure you avoid your own bomb blast if you don't want to knock yourself out of the running. Once players are dead, they can can continue to drop bombs into the arena to knock out the other players until the winner remains. There will be multiple bomb types, destructible environments, and the arenas' own hazards to avoid when the game is released on PlayStation 4 on January 8th, 2019.

Buildings Have Feelings Too!

Merge Games announced not one but three new titles they'd be publishing over the next year or so. The first is Blackstaff Games' "city management game with character". It isn't just as simple as placing buildings down — in this game, the buildings can get up and move around, as well as communicate with each other. The city must grow but not at the cost of each building's aspirations. If a building doesn't reach its potential, it will be demolished. Players will be able to create specialised areas, like theatre districts, research new industries, and create spectacular buildings. The title was supposed to release for PlayStation 4 this spring, but it's obviously missed that window. We'll let you know as soon as another is announced.


Pixel Arc Studios took to Kickstarter to gain funds for their "Metroidvania-influenced action platformer" that puts players in a futuristic world. Reylee is the last member of the ancient Iga-Ryu Clan. His greatest foe was Gaoh until he was killed, but now he's back from the dead and looking for revenge with the help of his cybergenetic army. He's trying to get that revenge by kidnapping Reylee's sister and players will explore eight non-linear levels as they try to find her. Not only was their campaign successful, the team hit the stretch goal to add New Game + and extended cinematics into the game. Unfortunately, players will have to wait until August 2020 to see them in action on PlayStation 4.

Carnival Games

2K Games' county fair party game franchise returns to modern consoles under the watchful eye of developer Mass Media. There will be a total of 20 mini-games to try out with up to four players. There are new games, such as racing drones in Light Speed and bowling in Cosmic Strike, as well as those familiar from previous titles, like shooting hoops in Swish and tackling unfriendly clowns in Clowning Around. Each win will reward tickets that can be used buy new outfits for the game's characters. See what type of wacky costume you can create when the game is released on PlayStation 4 on November 6th.


Details about this new "puzzle-adventure" title from Amanita Design are scarce right now. All we know is that players will get to meet their new neighbours as they enter a mysterious underground world filled with a whole range of weird and wonderful enemies. See what you can glean from the trailer below as we wait for more details before it is released on consoles next year.

Cube Zone

DCF Studios' "frenetic puzzle game" takes the premise of the Rubik's cube and applies it to a flat grid where players must match the cube to colour patches on the board and/or drop all of the non-coloured pieces into the void as they work their way to the end of the level. The team promises the game will "put you to the test" across many maps with a variety of gameplay mechanics in each mode. The game is arriving "soon" on PlayStation 4.

Damnview: Built From Nothing

Brainwash Gang has teamed up with Sindiecate Arts to bring their "simulation sandbox" title to PlayStation 4 next year. Players have to carve out a decent life for themselves in a city driven by capitalism, different cultures, and a variety of social classes. You can choose exactly how you make your living. Will you pick hard work and an honest life, taking on jobs like a taxi driver or shop assistant, or will you pick a shadier route like smuggling or drug dealing where dirty money talks louder? You'll need to build a home from scratch and maintain your chosen lifestyle regardless of what the city and society plans to do with you.

Death end re;Quest

Idea Factory's turn-based RPG is set in a fictional game universe called World's Odyssey. When the game's director, Shina Ninomiya, went missing, development on the game ceased. A year later, the game reappeared but it was different. It had become corrupted in many ways — bug monsters would prey on players, environments became confusing, and NPCs would flirt a bit too eagerly. Players must help Shina escape from this universe while trying to locate their friend who has gone missing, switching between the game world and the real world to find them. Depending on the player's choices, they'll see one of several endings, and if players aren't particularly keen on the turn-based RPG genre, they can change the combat into fighting or shooting, or even "a slot mode". You'll be able to try it for yourself when the game hits PlayStation 4 early next year.

Stay tuned tomorrow for part two and the next 15 titles.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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