Rockstar: Former Employee Speaks Out About Working Conditions

By Sam Quirke,
UPDATE: Apparently Rockstar have relaxed their social media rules in order to allow current employees to speak about working conditions. One of the earliest to gain traction is the following from Vivianne Langdon, who talks frankly about the pay and compensation situation with regards to overtime as well as Rockstar's supportive attitude in other aspects of her life.

Original Story:

Following some controversial comments from Rockstar's lead writer, later somewhat clarified, a former Rockstar employee has taken to Twitter to reveal that the company's work ethic has been problematic for years.

Rockstar Drops Details on the Frontier of Red Dead Redemption 2

As we reported earlier in the week, lead writer Dan Houser claimed that the studio had been working "100-hour weeks" to deliver the game in an interview. Later Houser clarified that he was referring to senior staff during the writing process only, but it still raised concerns across social media about the work ethic at Rockstar, which has been called into question before.

Fuel to this particular fire has been added by former employee Job J Stauffer who worked with the company in the Grand Theft Auto IV era. It seems that Stauffer is disappointed to see that things haven't changed much in the last ten years, as he recounts the experience of working with the Housers a decade ago:

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