UPDATE: Spider-Man Update Coming Soon, Includes Two New Game Plus Trophies

By Sam Quirke,
UPDATE: It looks like PlayStation Blog have now retracted the New Game Plus section of the previous blog entry. Insomniac haven't been able to clarify what happened; the information appears to have been correct, but the update is no longer arriving on the 17th. All Insomniac will say on Twitter is that New Game Plus is coming "soon".

Original Story:

According to PlayStation Blog, Marvel's Spider-Man is getting an update tomorrow which will include the New Game Plus mode that was mentioned back when the game was released. The first DLC episode featuring the adventures of the Black Cat arrives next week.


The first episode of "The City that Never Sleeps" is called "The Heist", in which an art museum robbery gets Spider-Man and MJ mixed up with Peter's former flame, the Black Cat. There will be new costumes, new enemies and most importantly for us — new trophies. We'll let you know as soon as those land. The episode is due to release on the 23rd.


Tomorrow's update 1.07 will include New Game Plus and also a new Ultimate Difficulty. The update will bring two new trophies, one for completing the game on New Game Plus and one for finishing on the new hardest difficulty. That easy trophy list is about to get a bit trickier. Happily for those looking to just enjoy the experience the Friendly difficulty has apparently been made "more friendly".

We'll let you know when the new trophies land.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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