Shadow of the Tomb Raider Patch Appears to Fix 100% Completion Glitch

By Sam Quirke,
Shadow of the Tomb Raider has been suffering from some bugs that prevent 100% completion for some players as well as hindering progress on some specific trophies. Luckily it looks like those problems might finally be resolved. Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game have received a new patch 1.05 this week, and while the console's patch notes simply state the vague "Various bug fixes", it look like the patch is bringing console versions up to speed with the latest PC update — and that update according to a Steam post includes the following:

  • Fixes related to some players not being able to achieve 100% completion, including: Problems related to the Champion’s Bow quest; Problems related to the ‘Dr Croft’ and ‘That’s a Knife’ achievements; Problems with monoliths; And various others.
  • Fixes a problem where some items would not carry over into New Game+.
  • Fixes for a progression blocker some players experienced in Kuwaq Yaku.
  • Fixes for a progression blocker some players experienced in the Peruvian Jungle.
  • Fixes for a progression blocker some players experienced in Manko’s Tomb.
  • Fixed a problem where some in-game hints would still trigger even if the player had them disabled.
  • Updates to VO and localization in various languages.
  • A large number of smaller stability and functionality fixes.
We've never flagged any of the game's trophies as unobtainable here on TrueTrophies as players have been regularly unlocking the Platinum since the game's launch. However there clearly have been some bugs that have been preventing some from completing the game, so hopefully this patch will resolve the issues for those people. It certainly seems to have worked for at least one PlayStation player, who posted this relieved update shortly after the patch appeared:

Patch 1.05 is available to download today.

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