Life is Strange 2 Episode 1: Collectibles Guide

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DONTNOD Entertainment's eagerly anticipated sequel Life Is Strange 2 has finally kicked off, with the first episode "Roads" launching last week. If you want to know our thoughts on the game you can check out our review here. Regardless, it's an easy episode to unlock trophies in as long as you know where to find all the collectibles. A couple of them require some specific actions to uncover, so check out our guide below if you get stuck.

Life is Strange

It's worth noting that you will not be able to fully complete Episode 1 or earn the Platinum until the full series is released. Episode 1 contains the Wolf Pack Trophy which requires the player to finish every episode in the series.

Collectibles — What They Are and How to Find Them Yourself

Where Life Is Strange had photographs, Life Is Strange 2 has backpack souvenirs. Much as in the first game there is a tab in the menu that features sketches somewhat hinting at the location of the souvenirs, as you can see here:

Life is Strange 2

Some of the souvenirs are just out in the environment for the taking, while others take some steps to reveal. They are all technically missable during your playthrough as the action moves from location to location, but at the end of your playthrough you can select a scene to replay in order to find a certain collectible. You can even specify that you want to go back in "Collectibles Mode" so that the narrative choices you made on your main playthrough are not affected by anything you do during the mop-up. When selecting a scene, you will see an indicator of how many souvenirs are available in each scene and how many you have already located.

If you're struggling, check below for the specific locations of the six souvenirs in Episode 1. Minor spoilers ahead.

Where to Find the Six Collectible Souvenirs in Episode 1

Souvenir One (Chapter — Into The Woods)

Once you reach the river and have gathered wood for a fire (but before you ignite that fire), head to the far left end of the shore from your camp. You'll see a bra dangling from a stick near the river (a Firewatch reference). Look up and left from that stick at the tree nearest the river and you should see a prompt for an "Odd thing". Look at it, then opt to climb up to it. After the short scene you will have your first collectible and the below trophy:

Life Is Strange 2SidetrackedThe Sidetracked trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 19 pointsFind optional collectible #1 in Episode 1

LIS  2

Souvenirs Two, Three and Four (Chapter — Bear Station)

You should aim to get all three of these collectibles as soon as possible in the chapter following your first night in the woods, and certainly before you sit at the bench to eat and look at the map (this action ends the chapter).

First, head around the back of the building. Against the back of the building is a plastic pumpkin sitting on a chopped log. Down to the right side of it is a box. Interact with the box for a scene, and then grab the souvenir left behind once the scene has ended to get another souvenir and the below trophy:

Life Is Strange 2RangerThe Ranger trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 18 pointsFind optional collectible #4 in Episode 1

LIS2 1 - 2

Head into the store next and immediately turn right from the door and look back out of the window. On the window sill is a pile of stickers. Just grab one to unlock another souvenir and the below trophy:

Life Is Strange 2Bonus MilesThe Bonus Miles trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 16 pointsFind optional collectible #3 in Episode 1

LIS 2 1 - 3

Now approach the counter. Look at the stand of keyrings on the counter and choose to show Daniel the keyrings. After the scene you will automatically receive the souvenir and get another trophy:

Life Is Strange 2Bear AwareThe Bear Aware trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 16 pointsFind optional collectible #2 in Episode 1

LIS 1 - 4

Souvenir Five (Chapter — Sand Castle)

There will be several scenes before the next souvenir, when you are sitting on the beach at night. There will be an opportunity to throw a stick on the floor nearby. You want to throw it towards the gap in the two banks of grass in order to receive a collectible after a short while. It can be a little tricky to get the position right — aim towards the left side of the gap and only a couple of feet out beyond the nearest edge of the grass. You'll get a couple of opportunities to throw the stick before the scene ends. Assuming you received a collectible, you'll get the below trophy.

Life Is Strange 2Trail AngelThe Trail Angel trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 18 pointsFind optional collectible #5 in Episode 1

LIS 1 - 5

Collectible Six (Chapter — #RoomWithAView)

During this last playable chapter, you will need to retrieve a souvenir from the room's wardrobe before you deal with the cell phone. Look in the wardrobe and look at the card. Once you have looked at it, you'll need to pick it up in order to add it to your souvenirs. Once you have done so the trophy will unlock:

Life Is Strange 2Room ServiceThe Room Service trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 18 pointsFind optional collectible #6 in Episode 1

1 - 6

As soon as you unlock all of the souvenirs, whether in one playthrough or through Chapter Select, you will unlock this trophy too:

Life Is Strange 2DillydallyingThe Dillydallying trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 39 pointsFind all optional collectibles in Episode 1

What About Drawings?

You may have noticed that there's a trophy for starting a drawing too. This is an easily-missed side activity in Life is Strange 2. Sean likes to draw, and there are a few places throughout the episode where he can take pencil to paper. The first of these is in Sean's room, if you sit on the beanbag. Some have reported problems unlocking the related trophy at this point though so you might want to wait and try again at the river's edge after you have gathered wood for the fire (but before you have ignited it). To start drawing here, sit on the rock behind where Daniel is trying to catch a fish.

LIS drawing

The drawing feature is a little fiddly, so here's how it works. Look up at the scene and look out for some grey dotted lines overlaying the view. Hold down the X button to have Sean focus on the scene. He'll let you know when he's ready to draw. Look down at the page and waggle the left analog stick around to start sketching. You only need to complete one whole round of sketching to get the below trophy, but to complete the drawing you will need to go through several cycles of observing and sketching.

Life Is Strange 2Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in Life Is Strange 2 worth 31 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

That's all for now, but you can look out for more guides — or contribute some of your own — on the Life Is Strange 2 Trophies page.
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