Telltale: Ex-Employee Lawsuit, Walking Dead's Final Season Removed From Store

By Sam Quirke,
In case you somehow missed it, Telltale Games has suffered a majority studio closure right in the middle of development on The Walking Dead: The Final Season, putting somewhere between 200 and 275 people out of work with no severance and no warning according to various reports.

Final Season

Fans of the series were offered a slight silver lining just yesterday, with a Twitter post from Telltale's official account claiming that "multiple partners" were interested in finishing the story. However the drama hasn't completely settled. On the disgruntled employees front, at least one of those affected has raised a class-action complaint according to an investigator at Kotaku. The complaint suggests that Telltale is in violation of the federal WARN Act (or at least the Californian state version of that Act) by failing to give 60 days' warning of severance to employees. Whether the case has any legs remains to be seen, but it certainly shows that there's plenty of anger and frustration on the part of Telltale's former staff.

Meanwhile, the exact nature of the way in which those "multiple partners" might seek to properly conclude Clem's journey is in question, seeing as the Walking Dead Final Season has vanished from digital stores. (Strangely, the Season Pass is still there). This may be a prudent move while negotiations continue, or it could be a sign that the potential "conclusion" investors could provide wouldn't be in the exact form described by the game description — i.e., it might not be a further two episodes of content. In the worst case, it could be a sign that the latest financial deals have also fallen through.

Unfortunately it looks like this saga isn't going to end any time soon, so we will keep you updated.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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