Star Wars Battlefront II Update Adds a Squad System

By Sam Quirke,
If you're still playing Star Wars Battlefront II, you can expect a new update today. The Squad Update is adding squads into the game, as revealed in the latest community transmission.

Night on Endor

Players and their friends will automatically be put into a squad together if they are playing together — otherwise players will join a random squad. On defeat, players will now be able to scroll through other players in their squad in spectator mode and choose which player to spawn next to. The addition of the squad system allows for 2v2 Private Matches of Hero Showdown.

The 91st Recon Corps and the 104th "Wolf Pack" Battalion are both getting some appearance adjustments to improve how they look. There's also a whole bunch of quality of life improvements: chief among these is a new setting that automatically connects you to your strongest ping connection. End of Round Matchmaking is now being turned on properly after several tests over recent months.

Several very minor bugs have been fixed too — you can see the full list here.

The Squad Update should go live today.

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