Torbjorn Rework is Now Live in the Overwatch PTR

By Sam Quirke, 8 months ago
It's time for our monthly check-in with Overwatch: Origins Edition's Jeff Kaplan. For September, Jeff and the team's focus is on some highly anticipated tweaks to Swedish juggernaut Torbjörn. His reworked character can be found in the Public Test Region on PC and players are already reporting back their thoughts.

One big change for Torbjörn is the disappearance of his "Armor Packs" as a secondary ability — which means the whole scrapping system is gone too. In its place is the new ability "Overload". It's similar to his Ultimate "Molten Core" — he gets buffs to movement speed, damage resistance and firing rate.

His "Molten Core" Ultimate is changing as a result, though the name is staying the same. Now Torbjörn fires blazing hot magma straight out of his claw-hook hand. It has limited ammo but can create pools of magma for devastating area-of-effect damage with an extra effectiveness against armor. (As many have already noted, "Molten Floor" would have been more appropriate).

His turrets are changing too — now there's only one level to them (equivalent to Level 2 in the existing build) and he can also lightly throw the turret, meaning that they can be set up in new and interesting spaces. There are a few other tweaks in the PTR build as well including some changes to the Rivet Gun.

Other changes coming to the PTR include an update to Orisa's gun and how it fires. 76 and McCree are both getting "minor, minor changes" to improve their viability. Pharah is getting an update too, with increases to her "potential as a high-skill hero" while decreasing her dominating splash damage.

The PTR will also get to experience an overhaul to the colorblind settings. Now players affected by the condition can select their own colour schemes to work out what is best for them, and those settings now apply to some of the interface elements as well as the character silhouettes.

It's almost October, which means Halloween Terror is coming back too. Jeff gave some cosmetic teases — Junkenstein's Monster is getting a bride, but we don't know who that will be — but said that the actual game modes in Halloween Terror aren't going to change dramatically. That's because the current focus for ongoing improvements is on hero balance changes — so we can expect most seasonal Events to stay largely the same each year while individual heroes are continually iterated on.

Torbjörn's tweaks will come to console in the near future, once he has been tested out in the PTR.

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