Weekend Announcements September 7-9th: EDF Iron Rain, Wizards Tourney and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Tokyo Game Show will begin next week, but that hasn't stopped any of the developers and publishers from announcing their titles ahead of time. While we'll be endeavouring to bring you as many of those titles as we can throughout the week, we had ten new games that appeared over the weekend. All of these are confirmed for PlayStation 4 with two also coming to PlayStation VR. Take a look at the list below and see if there's anything you fancy.

Causa, Voices of the Dusk

Niebla Games' "free-to-play collectible card game" puts players in the role of a Leader who is trying to take control of a fantasy world alongside their faction. In each turn, players must choose a card to dedicate to their Cause and increase the power of the cards they can play. You can also withdraw a card from that Cause, but doing so deducts points. Players will gain victory either by destroying their opponents with direct attacks or by making them exhaust their decks. As well as the Campaign Mode with PvE challenges and map-based campaigns, there will be 1v1 multiplayer matches too. The title arrives for PlayStation 4 in the future.


In Efecto Studios' "competitive action/strategy game", players will build robots, program their AI and take them into battles where they'll fight alongside their pilots. You'll need to make sure you account for your opponents and the environment if you're to have a successful outcome. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4 in the future.


One of the titles revealed to be appearing at Tokyo Game Show is one of two upcoming Earth Defense Force titles. We already knew that EDF5 would be making its way west, and now Iron Rain will be joining it on PlayStation 4 in 2019. Unlike other titles in the franchise, this spinoff is developed by Yukes'. Like all of the other titles, players will be pitted against an alien insect invading force in a bid to prevent the world from being destroyed. More details are promised at the show, which begins on September 20th.


Traxmaster Software's combat platformer takes place inside the computer of an elderly woman. Her system has been hijacked by a totalitarian virus and it's up to a lone software routine to resist against the virus. Along the way, the levels will transform by moving and rotating, providing the next task to accomplish, but it's up to you to find the fastest route through a level. Combine special attacks and create combos to defeat enemies as effectively as possible, with aggressive strategies yielding the biggest bonuses. Hidden artifacts allow players to purchase attack upgrades. You'll get to fight the virus amongst a sea of flashy neon visuals when the game comes to PlayStation 4 in the future.

Infected Shelter

Dark Blue Games combines elements of Dead Cells, Castle Crashers, and executions to get their "randomly generated rogue-lite post-apocalyptic action RPG shooter / dungeon brawler". Players assume the role of a survivor in a dangerous world. Your shelter has been raided and your friends have been kidnapped. It's time to leave the safety of the shelter behind to search for them, but infected creatures and different gangs with brutal leaders all stand in your way. Each run will be different, but players can loot blueprints that provide new weapons, clothes, skills, character upgrades and relics to be used in all future runs. The title is coming to PlayStation 4 next year.


Luminawesome Games' "3D puzzle platformer" is about a battle for power. The blue Lumote and the red Mastermote are fighting to take control of the world. As Lumote, players need to jump around the world and take possession of the world's other creatures, the Motes, to help them solve puzzles. However, if Mastermote seizes control of a Mote, those very same creatures will hinder your progress. The game will arrive on PlayStation 4 in the future.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Double Damage Games' Rebel Galaxy is getting a "sort-of-prequel", taking place 34 years before the events of the first title. In this "blue-collar space combat adventure", players assume the role of ex-outlaw and smuggler Juno Markev. She had settled for a life on the straight and narrow, but then she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. After a disagreement at a watering hole, her ship is destroyed. An old friend offers her a basic "rustbucket" ship, and she sets off into a retro-futuristic world inspired by "blue-collar Americana" to try and get back on her feet. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4 in Q1 2019.

The Grand Tour Game

Amazon is diving into the world of console games with their internally developed episodic racing game that's based on the third series of their Prime Original series The Grand Tour. The cars, locations, and "surprises" (including the Eboladrome test track) featured in Season 3 will be appearing in episodes that will be released weekly during the course of the season. The game offers "seamless" transitions from clips taken from the show to the gameplay sections and will feature hours of voice acting from the show's presenters: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Players can also invite up to three friends to join them in splitscreen races. The title is confirmed for PlayStation 4, but much like the third season of the TV series on which it's based, it doesn't have a release window yet.


The creator of Blasters of the Universe is back with another PlayStation VR experience in the form of this puzzle title set in a "dreamlike universe". While players will find themselves on their own in the universe, the puzzles will need more than one person to solve them. They can do this by recording multiple versions of themselves, known as echoes, that overlap and work together to come up with the solution. There will be 30 levels to complete set across three worlds as players accumulate enough energy to power up a mysterious machine that's the key to the whole game. The game will be arriving this fall.

Wizards Tourney

A Bonfire of Souls' debut PlayStation VR title is a party game for up to four players. Wizards from all over the world have descended upon the titular Wizards Tourney to prove they're the most talented amongst their peers. They'll do battle across six locations that each has their own traps and challenges to add a bit of spice to each battle. The title will be arriving on PC later this month, but the PS4 version has yet to receive a release window.

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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