Fallout 76 Infomercial Discusses the Nuclear Option

By Sam Quirke,
Following on from a construction and crafting workshop, the latest Vault-Tec infomercial for Fallout 76 focuses on the game's nuclear option. In this new multiplayer twist on the franchise, the game world will contain a limited amount of nuclear stashes littered across the map. In order to access the nukes, players will have to hunt down the launch codes — typically these will be in several pieces, so it may be that you need to make some hasty alliances in order to gather the full sequence. Once unlocked, nukes can be sent pretty much wherever you want, whether that's directed at some troublesome critters or a group of malcontents that you have a grudge against.

Fallout 76 emerges on November 14th.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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