Weekend Announcements Pt 3: The Dark Pictures, The Missing, Tokyo Chronos & More

By Rebecca Smith,
The final part of our weekend announcements trilogy brings the remaining nine titles out of the 27 we've introduced today. Eight of these remaining titles are confirmed for PlayStation 4, with two heading specifically for PlayStation VR. The remaining title is confirmed only for consoles. Check out the final part of the list below:


Decoy Games' aquatic multiplayer shooter places players in the role of a Mooba, who must use a variety of power ups and weapons to survive the underwater world. Each Mooba can choose from a range of special abilities known as an Unleashes, which allow them to cause mayhem and "Unleash Swimsanity!" to gain the upper hand. The game's eight game modes, all of which can be played online or locally, include the co-op Adventure mode, or competitive modes like Last Mooba Standing. The title arrives on PlayStation 4 early next year.

The Cycle

YAGER's "match-based FPS" title is not just a simple shooter — players must fulfill contracts during the 20 minute matches on an alien world, Fortuna III. It's up to you whether you complete them alone or whether you team up with other players to do so, but there's always the risk of betrayal. A variety of weapons and equipment allow for many different playstyles, some of which can be created using credit earned in matches. While the title will arrive first on PC, the game is promised for consoles at a later date.

The Dark Pictures - Man Of Medan

Having partnered with Banai Namco, the creators of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games, are back with a new anthology series of "stand-alone, cinematic horror" titles. The debut title in the anthology is Man of Medan, which tells the story of a quartet of American youths who are searching for a wreck dating back to World War II. However, a storm comes in and their diving trip takes a dangerous turn as it turns out they might have gotten themselves into a situation they hadn't bargained for. Each of the four divers has their own perspective on the events that unfold, as does the captain of the boat they chartered. Players will be able to assume the role of any of the five characters as they try to work out what's going on, and make decisions and take actions that will affect who lives and who dies. The branching storylines and multiple endings are designed so that players can replay the game over and over again. The title is due to come to PlayStation 4 in 2019.

The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories

Now confirmed for PlayStation 4, more details have emerged for the upcoming single player action adventure title from Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro's company White Owls. Players assume the role of the titular JJ Macfield, who is looking for Alex. The latter went missing during a visit to a secluded island. By reincarnating themselves upon death, or using "your misery", you'll be able to solve the puzzles you'll find along the way. The game is coming later this year.

The Sojourn

Shifting Tides has teamed up with Iceberg Interactive to bring their "first-person puzzle game" to PlayStation 4 next year. The protagonist has been born on a beautiful, pure land, but appearances are deceptive. The world is founded on Darkness, which seeps through the tiniest of crevices and creates shadows in the world. Players must investigate the shadows and solve dozens of puzzles to discover the truth about the world across four chapters and a variety of environments.

The Wizards

VR specialists Carbon Studio are making their PlayStation debut in the form of this action-adventure game for PlayStation VR. Meliora is a world filled with dragons, sorcerors and other mystical forces. As a wizard, you'll be able to cast spells, battle enemies and explore locations alongside your companion Aurelius while trying to change the fate of the land. Each stage can be replayed to improve your score, and Fate Cards add modifiers to change the experience as you wish. When the game arrives on PS4 later this year, it will come with exclusive content, although the details on this are yet to be revealed.


MyDearest has teamed up with Sekai Project to bring their adventure game to PlayStation VR. Players assume the role of Kyosuke Sakurai, a 16 year-old boy attending high school in Shibuya. One day, he finds himself in an alternate universe called the Chronos World. Time has frozen and the city is deserted. More to the point, his seven other friends are disappearing one by one and he needs to find out why. The title will be arriving on PlayStation 4 in February 2019.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers

While it never managed to find the PlayStation Vita, Warlocks vs. Shadows did make its way to PlayStation 4, so Frozen District is bringing the sequel to the console in Q1 2019. Up to four players can team up locally or online to defeat vile gods who want to bring chaos to the multiverse. Players have a choice of five warlocks with 45 abilities between them, including "a crazed goat riding a dwarf-centaur or a tech-savvy e-witch who casts spells from her smartphone". Over 100 upgrades and 120 items also add to the fun.

Where the Bees Make Honey

Sunny Wilson is an adult dressed as a bee, and this costume gives her the ability to rotate the world by 90o each time so she can solve the puzzles put in front of her. She must explore the world across four seasons as she reminisces on her childhood years. Brian Wilson's puzzle adventure game focuses on how important imagination can be for children, as well as the nostalgia it gives us for those formative years. The title will be arriving for PlayStation 4 early next year.

Do any of these titles spark your interest?
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