Weekend Announcements August 24-26th Pt. 1: Desperados III, Falcon Age, and More

By Rebecca Smith,
The large number of new titles being announced for PlayStation continues. This week brings another 27 new titles for your perusal, and once again we've had to split the article into three parts — part one includes the first nine titles. Eight of the titles have been confirmed for PlayStation 4, with one including PlayStation VR compatibility, while the final title is confirmed for "consoles". See if there's anything that interests you from the list below.

8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders

You may or may not remember the announcement of Petroglyph Games' 8-Bit Armies nearly 18 months ago. Things went quiet, but now the game has re-emerged and it's bringing two others with it. 8-Bit Hordes is a fantasy-themed RTS title where players can take control of two factions. The first is the DeathSworn, an undead army led by the Orcs. The second is the Lightbringers, consisting of elves, humans, and dwarves. Using either faction, players will storm castles, kill dragons and raid cemeteries. 8-Bit Invaders is a sci-fi RTS set in the Multiverse, where players get to battle with either the Cranioids or the more military-oriented Galactic Marine Corps. All three titles will be arriving in the form of the 8-Bit RTS Series, where the multiplayer modes allow players to mix and match factions and battlefields across titles as they please. 8-Bit Armies will arrive on PlayStation 4 courtesy of SOEDESCO on September 21st, with the other two titles arriving at a later date both physically and digitally.

Bendy and the Ink Machine

TheMeatly Games has teamed up with publisher Rooster Teeth to bring their episodic title to PlayStation 4. The "first-person puzzle action horror" title puts players in the role of Henry. He returns to Joey Drew Studios, an abandoned animator's workshop, the explore his past and conquer his demons. Across the five episodes of the game, players will face many twists and turns that promise to "decimate any childhood memories" as the game heads towards a bleak future. The title will also get a retail version exclusive to GameStop, and both the digital and retail versions are due to arrive in October.


You've been betrayed, left for dead, and you're hopelessly outnumbered. Most people would give up at this point, but not Mr. Wolf. By using any weapon he can find in the world, including hatchets, ladders and carrots, he'll be able to put together "ultra-violent" combos to defeat his enemies, gain revenge, and ultimately find out why he was betrayed in the first place. Paper Cult's "relentless action game" will be coming to consoles next year.


Behaviour's "asymmetrical multiplayer game" pits a single and powerful Hunter against a team of five weaker but agile Runners in a bloodsport that's become the most popular entertainment for the planet's citizens. The only aim of the Runners is to escape the procedurally generated Garden, but the Hunter must find and execute the Runners, preventing them from getting away. The game has entered Steam Early Access with a couple of different game modes, Capture and Gather and Deliver, and the promise of regular monthly updates, but it won't appear on PlayStation 4 until next year.

Desperados III

Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't the only upcoming title to take place in the Wild West. Mimimi's "real-time tactics game" puts players in charge of a band of Desperados led by gunslinger John Cooper. He's hunting down his nemesis,and when the world is controlled by these gunslingers and their henchmen, you don't particularly fancy the nemesis' chances. Each of the game's missions offer a variety of ways to approach them, but one thing's for certain is that you'll always be outnumbered. If you're to succeed, you need to use the environment and each of the Desperados' unique abilities wisely. The title will be coming to PlayStation 4 next year.

Devil’s Hunt

Based on Polish fantasy novel Equilibrium, Layopi Games' third-person action game examines the battle between light and darkness as the Demons and Angels fight for supremacy in the mortal world. Desmond is a man with the powers that can ultimately decide the result of the conflict. Both sides have their own unique skills that they can offer him and it's up to him which side he chooses. You can make that choice yourself as the game will head to PlayStation 4 next year thanks to publisher 1C Company.


The appropriately monikered Epitasis studio turned to Kickstarter for the funds for their upcoming PlayStation 4 title and met their target. Players enter an ancient portal and discover the remnants of an ancient alien civilization. While the race may well have fallen long ago, players will still be able to discover secrets, forgotten technology, and hidden relics, as well as solving cryptic puzzles. Eventually they'll discover the fate of the civilisation and ensure that it isn't forgotten.

Falcon Age

When your world has been destroyed by machine invaders, what do you use to fight back? How about a falcon? It might not be everybody's first choice, but Outerloop Games' first-person PlayStation VR action adventure title does just that. When Ara is thrown in jail for a "minor infraction" she befriends a young falcon. When she manages to escape into the desert-like dying colony, the pair need to learn to hunt, scavenge, and reclaim her cultural legacy as they prove her innocence and save their world from the invaders. The title will arrive on PlayStation 4 (with VR compatibility) in 2019.

Stay tuned for part two and the next nine titles to be revealed.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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