Destiny 2's Upcoming Gambit Mode Shown Off at Gamescom

By Sam Quirke,
We've heard plenty about Destiny 2's upcoming expansion "Forsaken", but not as much specifically about the new Gambit mode that mixes PvP and PvE — which we last saw in a trailer two months ago. That has changed thanks to the game's appearance at Gamescom. Players got their hands on the mode on the show floor and thankfully Activision captured some of that experience in the below video.

The Gambit mode will only be available in full for players who purchase the "Forsaken" expansion, but Bungie would like to give all players a taste of what to expect in this unique mode. They've therefore announced that Gambit will be available to all Destiny 2 players, for free, for 24 hours on September 1st. The free period begins at 10am Pacific time.

Finally, here's a fuller picture of exactly what happens to Cayde-6 at the beginning of the "Forsaken" expansion in a full cutscene:

"Forsaken" launches on September 4th.

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Sam Quirke
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