SoulCalibur VI Reveals a Second Story Mode, Character Creation and DLC

By Sam Quirke,
Bandai Namco have brought plenty of details about SOULCALIBUR VI to this year's Gamescom event. A second story mode called "Libra of Soul" will be included, in which players will create their own character and take them on a brand new Souls journey.

The character creation tools look to be very comprehensive, with thousands of outfits and accessories to be discovered along with sixteen base races to choose from; everything from a standard human to a lizard or a reanimated skeleton.

Also announced at Gamescom was the game's Online mode. Players can fight online using their custom characters or anyone from the standard roster, in both ranked and casual matches. The final announcement from the show floor was the game's first DLC character Tira, the Bird of Death:

Tira first appeared in SOULCALIBUR III, and wields a Ring Blade with her Dance of Death fighting style. Tira abandoned a clandestine group of assassins after their leader went mad, and now travels the world taking pleasure in indiscriminate slaughter.

SOULCALIBUR VI will launch on October 19th on PlayStation 4.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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