FIFA 19's Journey Features Three Playable Characters

By Sam Quirke,
The story-driven Journey mode of FIFA's last few iterations comes to a close in FIFA 19. As we have previously reported, players will see the culmination of Alex Hunter's illustrious career in the beautiful game. But "The Journey: Champions" also features the narratives of Alex's half-sister Kim as she is called up to the Women's World Cup, and also Danny Williams, Alex's former rival back in the English league. Players will experience a multi-threaded narrative with the three characters crossing paths occasionally on their own journeys.

In other news, the Kick-Off mode has been refreshed with more match options and more variety. A lot of these types just change match numbers and visuals, such as UEFA Champions League rules and cosmetics. However the House Rules really shakes things up. The "No Rules" match type allows fouls without penalty and no calls for offside either. Survival Mode is even more strange — every time a team scores, that team loses a random player (but not the goalkeeper, that would be ridiculous). The FIFA rules stand to a certain extent — if a team ends up with fewer than seven players on the pitch the match has to be abandoned, so whoever has the most goals at that point wins the game.

FIFA 19 launches on 28th September on PlayStation 4.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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