Paladins 1.4 Update Introduces the Dragon's Call

By Sam Quirke,
The latest patch for Paladins introduces a new event called The Dragon's Call, a 4v4 battle in which you need to carry the Warder's Key Sphere into the opponent's Vault four times.

The Key Sphere carrier cannot use any abilities while the Sphere is in their possession or be healed, and they are visible to everyone on the map. If the Key Sphere is dropped it will be reset to the middle of the map after 10 seconds. Unlocking Seals during the event will eventually earn you the following items in the event track:

Points Reward
5 10,000 Gold
10 20,000 Gold
15 30,000 Gold
20 Tranquility, Inara MVP Pose
25 Dragon’s Gauntlet Spray
30 Flametongue Avatar
35 Serpentine, Kinessa MVP Pose
40 Punch Out, Ash Emote
45 Coldfire, Animated Spray
50 Snack Time, Animated Avatar
55 Show Stopper, Evie Roaming Emote
60 Skylord Seal Deathstamp
As part of the event players can buy the Dragon's Call Bundle for 1,200 crystals to obtain three Epic Skins: Sha Lin's Outlaw skin, Moji's Dragonborn skin and Khan's Overlord skin. The bundle also contains one Vault Key, the Warder's Loading Frame, the Pacify Legendary 3D Spray, the Dragon Baller Legendary Title and the Ancient Idol, which doubles players' Dragons' Call reward track progress. Here are the skins:

Also in the update is the new special store called The Vault, in which Skins previously available only in limited events are put up for re-sale. Each skin costs one Vault Key and the Vault itself is only open for an undisclosed "limited time". Along with previously seen skins Raeve Maeve, Academic Skye, Demon Slayer Zhin and Jade Priestess Seris comes a brand new skin: Aurora Furia:


As always there are a bunch of balances, tweaks and bug fixes in the update as well — you can get the full low-down in the official patch notes.

Update 1.4 for Paladins is live now.

We've got the full list of Paladins trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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