DOOM Eternal is Getting a Souls-Like Invasion Mode

By Sam Quirke,
The developers of took to the stage at QuakeCon this year to reveal some extensive gameplay for the upcoming sequel. They revealed that Dark Souls esque multiplayer invasions will play a part too.

First we see some concept art for the upgraded DOOM Guy, plus some concepts of the hellish creatures he faces. The gameplay footage starts at around the 4:30 mark until 11:50, where the footage switches to "mouse and keyboard" gameplay to show things really ripping along. At 15:20 we see a teasing reveal of multiplayer invasions.

At this point the developers pause to briefly explain how things work — players will be able to play as demons in another player's game, and even form hunting parties with other players. It's an optional extra; if you want to go solo, you can switch off invasions. DOOM Eternal has a focus on environmental storytelling, and represents the building of a DOOM universe.

This game will apparently have "10x the geometric detail" that the studio have managed to put out in the past, while maintaining 60 frames per second. At 18 minutes we see what happens when the player arrives on Phobos, where interior-based combat is shown off. At 24 minutes we get a tiny teaser of a boss demon and a glowing red blade that will be used to take it down.

DOOM Eternal does not yet have a release date.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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