Warframe Update Brings New Skins, TennoGen Bundles and Augments

By Sam Quirke, 9 months ago
The latest update for Warframe: The Sacrifice drops today, bringing with it a whole bunch of new content. Headlining the extensive patch notes is this Nidus Phryke Deluxe Skin, which transforms as Nidus gains Mutation stacks:

Along with this skin comes the Deimos Claw Skin, which can be applied to any weapon. The signature Syandana of Nidus Phryke is also made available along with new skin and armour for your Kubrow companion.

The TennoGen Round 12 Bundles will be finished off in this patch too after a slight delay, featuring a selection of skins and armour made by the community. There's new Augments for the following Warframes too:

  • Nidus - Ravenous - Insatiable: 60% chance to earn a second Mutation when one is earned, when Nidus is standing in the Ravenous infestation.
  • Harrow - Thurible - Warding Thurible: Allies take 40% less damage when channelling Thurible, and give 0.5 Energy Charge when damaged.
  • Octavia - Mallet - Partitioned Mallet: Two simultaneous mallets, albeit with half of the range.
  • Ivara - Quiver - Empowered Quiver: Dashwire gives allies 100% Critical Damage while Cloak arrow has 100% chance to prevent status effects.
The Twitch Drops campaign for The Sacrifice returns, giving players another chance to earn some rewards through Twitch participation. Here's what you need to do:

Twitch Drops

The Sacrifice campaign is now re-playable as of this update, and you can go and find the fragments of two new songs from the soundtrack to be added to the Somachord. There's a whole bunch of other tweaks and fixes which you can read about here.

The latest update drops today on PlayStation 4, from 11am Eastern time.

We've got the full list of Warframe trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Sam Quirke
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