God of War's New Game Plus Arrives This Month

By Sam Quirke, 9 months ago
Santa Monica Studio have been promising a New Game Plus mode for the phenomenally successful God of War pretty much since it came out. Just four months after release, the team are ready to launch the mode in a new free update, as revealed on the PlayStation Blog. As with many of the best New Game Plus modes out there, players will be able to restart the game on any difficulty they like with all of their armours, enchantments, skills and talismans intact from a previous playthrough, as long as they have completed the main story.

God of War New Game Plus

On the other hand, players can expect to face much more difficult enemies in their second climb to the tallest peak in the realms — this won't just be a matter of stat buffs, as Santa Monica claim we may see some new skills among the various undead hordes as well. As a reward for tackling this challenge, a new rarity level of equipment will become available. The "Skap Slag" resource can be used to craft the very best armour and enhancements from your favourite blacksmith duo.

Whether playing New Game Plus or just starting a new regular game, players will now find that they can get back into the action more quickly, as cutscenes can be skipped from the second playthrough.

New Game Plus arrives in God of War on August 20th.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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