G and Sagat Arrive in Street Fighter V to Close Out Season Three

By Sam Quirke,
Season Three of Street Fighter V ends with the release of two final characters: the mysteriously presidential G and Sagat, the Solitary King. Both are available from today, and we have some footage of them in action.

A mysterious figure calling himself the "President of the World", G intends to use social media to spread his intention to unify the globe. Rashid apparently agrees with his ambitions as he starts to signal boost the enigmatic bearded figure. G's unique move set features a Presidentiality level. Using his "G Charge", the character absorbs power from the Earth itself to reach Presidentiality Level 3, powering up his special moves. You can see the full details of G's move set on Capcom's blog, but generally speaking it seems that G is has a quick style and his special moves include a magma projectile and "Pangaea Burst", suggesting that G is perhaps the primordial personification of earth itself, known to mythology geeks as Gaia.

More familiar to Street Fighter veterans is Sagat, the final boss of the original game. The Emperor of Muay Thai makes his return to the series as a hermit in a secluded village, trying to overcome his demons in preparation for his long-awaited rematch with Ryu.

Sagat's move set remains true to his original attacks. Tiger Shot is a projectile that can be thrown at different speeds. Tiger Uppercut can be used as a reversal or anti-air attack, while the returning Tiger Knee Crush can quickly close the distance between Sagat and his opponent. Also included in this update is the return of Sagat's classic stage from Street Fighter II, King's Court. Again, you can see more intricate details of Sagat's setup on the Capcom blog.

G and Sagat are available from today in Street Fighter V.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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