Control Developers Discuss a New Approach to Narrative

By Sam Quirke,
Remedy's upcoming game Control marks a departure for the studio. Not only are they no longer tied to Xbox systems, but their approach to narrative is much more interactive and flexible depending on the player's actions. The developers discuss the game's structure and plot in the below behind-the-scenes video, which includes some gameplay footage too.

The story is "far less linear" than Remedy's usual output. Players will be able to revisit spaces they have been to before to see what's changed. There will be a lot more optional challenges and things for players to discover. Finding ways to tell the story through environment and gameplay was a key factor in the design process.

The central theme of the story is of course control, and this bleeds into the gameplay experience as well. The studio wants the player to control how they confront the game's enemies by blending traditional gunplay with a lot of otherworldly superpowers. New enemies will need creative solutions to overcome.

Control arrives at some point in 2019.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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