Fine-Tune Your Farm in Farming Simulator 19

By Sam Quirke,
The latest iteration of Farming Simulator arrives at some point this year, and in the first Dev-Blog from Giants Software we have learned about some changes to procuring land and setting up your first farm.

Farming Simulator 19

Instead of purchasing individual fields as in previous iterations, budding farmers will be able to buy tracts of land — fields, forests, building space — and assign the functions you wish to your purchases.

Farming Simulator 19

There will be three starting modes in the game. "New Farmer" is the nearest to existing modes in earlier games, giving farmers a balanced amount of equipment and funds. Alternatively players can start as a "Farm Manager", which gives a large amounts of money and no starting equipment, so farmers can immediately build up the farm in their ideal image. The opposite end of the scale is "Start From Scratch", which has players start with no land or farm and only a small amount of money. It's a hardcore mode and farmers must immediately manage resources carefully if they want to survive.

Placement is now far more customisable, from the farm itself to the adornments and equipment around it, allowing for more a more personalised setup. It also allows for multiple farms on a single multiplayer server, so players can specialize in different markets in different parts of the map.

Farming Simulator 19 is arriving later in the year.

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