Train Sim World Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the trophy list for Train Sim World, which is developed and published by Dovetail Games.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the Train Sim World Trophies page.
Train Sim World

There are 26 trophies, none of which are hidden:

Name Description
The Master Key Successfully unlocked all trophies in Train Sim World
GWE: Journey Shrinker Reached a speed of 125MPH in the HST
GWE: Turbo Power Reached a speed of 90MPH in the Class 166
GWE: Pushing the Limits Reached a speed of 75MPH in the Class 66
GWE: Cross Country Operated the Class 43 HST for 430 miles
GWE: Mile Muncher Operated the Class 166 for 1660 miles
GWE: Powerhauler Operated the Class 66 for 660 miles
GWE: Peak Performance Successfully completed all scenarios
GWE: Qualified Driver Successfully completed all introduction tutorials
RT: Green Light Completed the BR1442 Talent 2 Basic Introduction
RT: Mass Transit Completed 442 passenger boarding tasks
RT: Rapid Transit Reached the max speed of the BR1442 (160KPH)
RT: Top Talent Operated 44.2KM in the BR1442 Talent 2
RT: Safety First Acknowledged 500 SIFA alarms
RT: Leipzig Legend Completed all of the available services
RT: Regional Rider Rode as a passenger for 44.2KM
ACS64: All Aboard Completed 64 passenger boarding tasks
GP38: Car Collector Coupled to 380 Freight Cars
ACS64: City Sprinter Reached 100Mph in the ACS64
ACS64: Northeast Regional Operated 640 miles in the ACS64
GP38: Geep Trail Operated 380 miles in the GP38-2
NEC: Day One Complete the ACS64 Basic Introduction
NEC: Manhattan Master Completed all scenarios on NEC New York
NEC: Time to Shine Complete the GP38-2 Basic Introduction
NEC: New Yorker Completed all of the available services
NEC: Big Step Collected all collectables on this route

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Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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