The Persistence Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the trophy list for The Persistence (PS4), which is developed by Firesprite.

You can find guides to unlocking these trophies as soon as we have them on the The Persistence (EU) (PS4) Trophies page.
Persistence weapons

There are 44 trophies, 1 of which is hidden (to reveal the details of the secret trophy, please use this link):

Name Description
Persistence Pays Dividends Collect all trophies
Let's Do This Enter Research Deck after the tutorial
Plot the Jump Vectors Plot the jump vectors home on Research Deck
Mutant Madness Refuel the Stardrive
Repair the Sensors Repair the Sensors on Communications Deck
A Fallen Hero Find the Captain's body on Engineering Deck
Going Home! Complete the game
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
Treasure Hunter Open 25 supply crates
First of Many Make any schematic
Epic! Make an epic schematic
Everything is Awesome! Make an Epic of each suit, teleporter, shield, harvester and supersense
Payback Time Unlock a weapon
Full Arsenal Unlock all weapons
Lock and Load Upgrade a weapon
As Good as it Gets Get any weapon to Max level
Feeling Good Upgrade any DNA stat
Feeling Great Upgrade each DNA stat at least once
Feeling Unstoppable Get all DNA stats to max
Samurai Kill 100 enemies by harvesting their stemcells
Six Shooter Shoot and kill 6 enemies in a row, with just 6 bullets
Sharp Shooter 10 headshots in a row
A Bundle of Limbs Kill 3 enemies with the same gravity bomb
Thanks, Guys! Kill 5 enemies with the same Swarm Droid
That's Gotta Hurt Smash an enemy to death with the Gravimetric Hook
Abrakebabra! Pin two enemies with the same Valkyrie bolt
Stealth is for Wimps Melee kill a Berserker with the Stem Cell Harvester
Who's a Good Boy! Have a single Ivy Serum buddy kill 5 enemies
Shields Up! Power up any Debris Defence Shield machine
Shields at Maximum Power up all the Debris Defence Shield machines
Fully Fortified Use all 4 Debris Defence Shield machines on the same life
A Lost Friend Find a crew member artefact
A Lost Family Find all 6 crew member artefacts
Not Feeling Myself… Print a clone of any other crew member
All the Crew Print a clone of all 7 crew members
Full House Kill one of each type of enemy
The Ship is Your Friend Use the environment to kill 10 enemies
Big Bad Buddy Rage Berserkers to kill 10 enemies
Thank You! Get a weeper to kill another mutant (without using Ivy Serum)
Wrong Place, Wrong Time Kill any enemy with a hidden Siren Grenade
Keep Your Distance, Buddy Use your shield 10 times against the same enemy
Boom! Get fireballs to kill a total of 10 mutants
Teleport Technician Visit Research and then Stardrive decks on any one life, without walking
Nah, I'm Good. Visit all 4 Decks on any 1 life, without collecting anything or making a weapon

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Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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