Poll: What's Your Opinion on Limited Edition Consoles?

By Sam Quirke,
It's Friday, and Friday is poll day, so form an orderly queue and make sure to keep your ballot papers to yourselves. Last week, we piggy-backed on a story going around that British parents were letting their under 18's play games rated for 18+. According to a study of 2000 parents, the majority weren't really paying much attention to a game's age rating. So we put it to TT, and the community are mostly on my page: Nearly half of all poll participants (myself included) do not have kids currently, but would allow a potential sprog to play any game that we had personally researched and vetted, or if we were able to supervise play. The parents on site mostly agree — 15% of voters have kids and use the same strategy when purchasing games for their small humans. 17% are non-parents that wouldn't allow that sort of thing at all and neither would the nearly 10% who are parents — which is fair enough. The smallest number of us on either side of the parenting fence would allow kids to play in any circumstances. The fact that the stats are skewed in almost the opposite direction to the poll indicates to me that parents who themselves play lots of videogames would be more savvy about what their kids play but also perhaps more likely to judge each game on a case-by-case basis. It sounds like a good model of behaviour to me.

Spidey Pro

On to less serious topics! Earlier today Sony announced some snazzy Spider-Man limited edition consoles — a Spidey red paint job with a big white spider emblem across the top plate, and a red-and-white controller to go with. You can get it for your Pro or your Slim, but here's my question — would you buy something like this? I myself have owned a couple of special edition consoles. I had the Halo Reach Xbox 360 and I'm the proud owner of a Pokéball Nintendo 3DS, but in the former case my existing 360 had just blown up. In the latter case... well, I just really like Pokémon.

So who among you has limited edition hardware? Would you buy a limited edition console otherwise identical to the one you own, or would you only opt for a limited edition when you needed or wanted a new piece of kit anyway? Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new Spidey set, or let us know what limited edition consoles you own or covet! Please, start a conversation to distract me before I buy a Spider-Man Pro...
Have you bought (or would you buy) a special edition PlayStation console?
  • I bought a special edition PlayStation even though I already owned the regular model5.06% (9)
  • I bought a special edition PlayStation but it was my first/a replacement/a model upgrade19.1% (34)
  • I don't have a special edition PlayStation but I would buy one in the right circumstances45.51% (81)
  • I don't have a special edition PlayStation and I wouldn't buy one in any circumstances28.09% (50)
  • Other2.25% (4)
We've had 178 responses.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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