Take on The Swarm in Star Trek Online

By Sam Quirke,
The first five-player co-op space queue available in Star Trek Online's "Victory is Life" expansion is "Swarm". The extremely peckish swarms of the Hur'q are setting their sights on Dominion planets, and you must help the Jem'Hadar keep them at bay while everyone is evacuated.


There will be multiple planetary escape routes as the Dominion tries to maximise the amount of civilians it can save, so you'll need to keep several zones clear of the Hur'q lest they devour the evacuation shuttles. You'll have to be a Captain of Level 50 or above to participate, but doing so will earn you Fleet or Gamma marks — the choice is yours.

gamma task

What can you use those Gamma marks for? Well, also arriving with the "Victory is Life" expansion is the Gamma Task Force. This is a coalition of forces hoping to deal with the threats of the Gamma Quadrant. Submitting Gamma Marks will increase your reputation with the Task Force. The team are especially interested in Germanium Carapace Fragments that you may come across in your dealings with the Hur'q. You'll have access to unique gear by trading them in, but you can also exchange them for Dilithium Ore. Check out Jette “CrypticSpartan” Leavens' official blog post to see all of the potential rewards available for handing the precious fragments over to the Gamma team.

"Victory is Life" arrives in Star Trek Online on July 24th.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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