Take on Monster Hunter's Rathalos in Final Fantasy XIV This August

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
Last month, we heard that the universes of Monster Hunter: World and Final Fantasy XIV were to collide when Monster Hunter's deadly Rathalos swept into XIV's realm in a limited event. We now have a full trailer showing off how that crossover will work. It's arriving August 7th.

Rathalos will be part of update 4.36 for Final Fantasy XIV, which also brings the next instalment of "The Forbidden Land Eureka" titled "The Pagos Expedition". If you are Level 70 or above in the main game and have completed "Stormblood", you will be able to take on mighty Rathalos in both Normal and Extreme versions of the trial called "The Great Hunt". In the Normal version eight players can co-operate to take the King of the Skies down, but in Extreme you'll have to deal with him as a foursome. You can get a Poogie and a Palico as minions via this collaboration content, as well as a new Rathalos-inspired armor set, a BBQ spit for the home and of course Rathalos himself as a new mount.

The developers also teased what's to come in Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming 4.4 update "Prelude in Violet". It will feature a new main scenario and side stories, as well as two new dungeons. Players will have a new trial battle against Suzaku and also face the conclusion of the Omega raid series, named "Alphascape". A whole bunch of tweaks will be added too — here's just a few examples:

  • Increased role action slots
  • A new Quick Chat phrase for timed attacks
  • Mannequin furnishing for houses — including the ability to sell all clothes on a mannequin as a set
  • A new GATE with platforming puzzles appears at The Gold Saucer
We'll keep an eye out for the full 4.4 patch notes when they appear.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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