Final Fantasy XIV Gets a Towering New Dungeon in Latest Patch

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is still going strong five years on from release. We recently heard about a Monster Hunter crossover event, and now the latest patch to the game will give players loads of new content. The centrepiece of Patch 4.35 is the introduction of Heaven-on-High, a new deep dungeon.

The tower of Heaven-on-High changes architecture each time players enter it. All players' levels will be reduced at 61 when they enter the tower (and 61 is the minimum entry requirement, unless you are a disciple), meaning that it's a level playing field for everyone trying to scale its heights. Parties of up to four players will get 60 minutes to get as far as possible through the dungeon, and you can level up to 70 while inside. This level won't carry over to the rest of the game. Floors up to level 30 are the "story" floors of the new dungeon, with levels 31 and beyond designed as a challenge for elite players — you can't even access them if you've had a single KO in the preceding floors. There's a ton of detail in the patch notes released by Square Enix if you want to know all of the complicated details.

Along with Heaven-on-High, the patch contains a couple more quest lines in Hildibrand plus some new furnishings, emotes and hairstyles. The Feast Regional Championship 2018 begins with this patch as well, and Square Enix have made a lot of balance adjustments and tweaks to the event as well as general PvP. Square have addressed a small handful of known bugs across the game as well — again, it's best to check the exhaustive patch notes if you want specifics and how it may affect your game.

Oh — there's a new mount to try out, too:

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Patch 4.35 should be rolling out today.

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