Joel Embiid Revealed as Cover Athlete for NBA LIVE 19

By Ethan Anderson,
Cover athlete reveals are a big deal for these sports titles, and EA has just recently announced that Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers will be gracing the cover of the upcoming NBA LIVE 19. The reveal comes along with some information about a few of the game's features as well.

In the game's main career mode, The One, you will be able to create a player that uses the skill sets of multiple superstars from the past and present of the NBA. For example, your player could have the ability to defend like Jrue Holiday, pass like Magic Johnson, and speed down the court like Russell Westbrook. This is made possible with the Icon Progression System, which allows you to learn and acquire new traits as you continue to play.


In The One, you are also given the opportunity to play on iconic courts in the United States, as well as international courts in countries such as France, the Philippines, and Brazil. Special streetball moves are available for games that are played in these locales, as they are collectively known as "The Streets".

Players should now move, feel, and act like they do in real life because of the addition of "Real Player Motion". This system aims to have players in NBA LIVE 19 play like their real life counterparts, which can cause them to trash talk, celebrate, and elevate their level of play in certain situations.

You will be able to play the "most customisable NBA LIVE experience ever" when NBA LIVE 19 launches on September 7th.

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Ethan Anderson
Written by Ethan Anderson
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