The Persistence Trailer Shows Off Ghoulish Gameplay

By Sam Quirke,
Since being announced last year, we haven't seen a huge amount from Firesprite's VR stealth horror The Persistence (PS4). In the run up to its release in just over a month, the game's director Stuart Tilley took over the PlayStation Blog to share a creepy gameplay trailer and go into more detail on both the enemies you'll face and the weapons you'll face them with.

Enemies include the blind listener who will shoot you down with expert efficiency if he hears you move, a "Bloodhound" that will slowly but surely follow you forever once it gets the scent, and the freakish fireball which will run at you in flames and explode, doing serious damage if you don't time your shield block correctly.

Luckily there are weapons to be found on your journey like those in the screenshots above. Ivy serum will turn a raging mutant into your sworn ally, while the Valkyrie can be used to harpoon enemies to the walls.

The Persistence arrives on July 24th 2018 for PlayStation VR.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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