Rocket League Introduces Rocket Pass

By MegsonGrove,
With the interest in Rocket League seemingly forever holding steady, Psyonix rewards that interest by continuing to bring new DLC and elements to the game. The newest element to the game is something called the Rocket Pass, a system that will allow you to unlock new content.


The Rocket Pass is described as a "brand new, time-limited progression system", but it's emphasised that this won't replace the current XP progression system, so don't worry.

There will be two passes available when the system comes into play, one free and one premium. The free pass will have automatically unlocked rewards, such as customisation items, banners, in-game titles and decryptors. The premium pass will cost ten keys ($9.99, or regional equivilant) and will not only provide you with the extra items, banners, titles and car bodies, but also XP boosts and XP awards.

Both of these passes are available to all players and all the items you get via this system can be traded, apart from those that are usually excluded. You can upgrade to premium at any time as well, and earn all the consequent rewards as you do so.

Rocket League

The actual system itself is progressed by levelling up whilst the rocket pass is active, as this will earn you a pass tier. The more of these you earn, the more rewards you unlock along the way. Tiers can also be purchased using keys, and should you complete all the base tiers, you can then move onto pro tiers, but only if you have the premium pass.

If you want more details then the original article can be found here. The Rocket Pass will be implemented into the game later this year, so keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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