Weekend Announcements June 15-17th: Clannad, Samurai Cop, Stoneshard and More

By Rebecca Smith,
Last weekend was E3. We managed to cover all of the titles that were announced during those conferences, as chaotic as they were, so we didn't need to run Weekend Announcements later that week. We do have to return this week, though, as we have five new titles coming to PlayStation 4. The list is below; see if there's something that peaks your interest.


The Japanese PlayStation 4 version of this title launched only last week, but the western version will be coming to the United States at the end of June and later to Europe. Prototype's visual novel tells the story of delinquent student Tomoya Okazaki. After his mother's death, he struggles with his relationship with his abusive alcoholic father. One morning, he meets a girl called Nagisa on his way to class. She's also a delinquent student repeating her senior year and the pair become friends. They aim to revive the school drama club as a way to add purpose to their lives, and they'll meet plenty of other students along the way.

Knights of Light

Rumbling Games' action adventure RPG is based on real historical events during the medieval period, such as the battles between the Sassanian empire and the Arab forces in Iraq. Despite being based on real events, the game will also feature fantasy elements that players can choose to follow. Throughout its estimated 60 hours of playing time, players will assume the role of the champion while also encountering several playable side characters, although details on these weren't given. The title will be available on PlayStation 4 in the future.

Samurai Cop: The Game

Samurai Cop is a notorious 90s cop film that once spawned a fake game, but this title is very real. It tells the story of Joe Marshall, a cop who has recently transferred to Los Angeles in an attempt to take down a Japanese crime syndicate known as The Katanas. With his training in the art of samurai, he aims to defeat the syndicate once and for all before they cause any more destruction. More details are promised this autumn. The game will be arriving on PlayStation 4 in the future.

Steamboat Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan

ManaVoid Entertainment's adventure RPG is inspired by Zelda, Pokémon, and Cuphead, the latter of which is obvious in the game's artwork. The Great Leviathan has emerged from the depths of the ocean. It's an event that happens merely once a millennium, but when it happens, the world is cursed to become monochromatic. Set in a "classic Disney-like universe", players sail the dark seas while defeating and capturing the Leviathan's monsters. They'll also need to rebuild the city of Star Harbor, collect treasures, and restore colour to the world. The game will be coming to PlayStation 4 in September 2019.


Ink Stains Games' upcoming title is an "open-world roguelike RPG with tactical freedom". Players assume the role of a mercenary in the medieval world of Aldor. The kingdom is about to fall and the future isn't looking bright. Then, a stranger makes a great offer: lead your own caravan, recruit allies and fight hordes of monsters on a dangerous journey through beautiful lands. Along the way, you'll need to survive disease, psychological trauma and party disputes. Prepare to die countless times in the process. The title is scheduled to hit PlayStation 4 in December.

Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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