Sony's PlayStation Hits Range Provides Modern Classics At Reduced Prices

By Sam Quirke,
Way back in the time of the original PlayStation, Sony had a range called "Platinum". The idea of the range was that these very popular games would be officially reduced at retail (before any sales or mark downs by third-party retailers), to make the console's most popular games more affordable.

Sony have now revealed a very similar scheme called PlayStation Hits, presumably renamed because "Platinum Games" could send a very confusing message for Nier fans.


The range will launch at $19.99 USD / $19.99 CAD / €19.99 / £15.99. This is similar pricing to Nintendo's "Selects" range on the Wii U and 3DS, though those ranges were mainly first-party titles.

Again, this is the new RRP price for these games; obviously many retailers will already have some of these titles going for cheaper, but the point is that Hits versions of these games should not be sold for more than the above prices. More importantly, we understand that these will be the default, non-sale prices for these games on the PlayStation Store once the range is available.

BloodborneThe new range will have its own branding on physical editions.

The range, which will be available physically and digitally, launches on June 28th in North America and the UK and Europe on July 18th. As always there's a little regional confusion when it comes to PlayStation Store: at the very least it seems Canadians won't have quite as big a range as everyone else. It's best to check here to be redirected to your country's current list.

It seems we can assume a few things from the announcement, namely that the Hits range only includes the PlayStation 4 versions of the games where they were also released on Vita or PlayStation 3. It would also appear that unless otherwise stated these are the "base game" versions of each title and do not include DLC or Season Passes. If that turns out to not be the case we will let you know.

Here is a list of games we know to be on the UK and EU list at the time of writing. PlayStation say more will be added to the range over time.

It seems unlikely that games in this range would get new trophy lists to stack, as it does appear to simply be a re-branding tweak to reflect a lower price. We'll let you know more on this range as information becomes available.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
Sam has been a Newshound since 2016 and is now the Editor for both TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies. He loves gaming on all devices and in all genres. He remains a stubborn Assassin's Creed and Pokémon fan.
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