Vacation Simulator Developers Show You How to Take a Break

By Sam Quirke,
Another VR title to be announced back at PlayStation Experience 2017, Vacation Simulator is the sequel to the much-loved 2016 VR title Job Simulator. At E3 2018, Devin Reimer and Chelsea Howe from Owlchemy Labs discussed what we can expect when the robots try to wrap their head around the bizarre human concept of a vacation.

In the holidaying sequel, Owlchemy wanted to give players freedom to experiment and do what they want — just like a real vacation — and play with the humour of the situation as the robots completely fail to understand the point of it all. The developers describe it as "more of an adventure game" than Job Simulator; although on the surface you are just toying with the environment, there is a story thread to discover tying everything together. Owlchemy were also excited to talk about the game having a customisable player avatar; on vacation you obviously need to take selfies, so the team wanted to ensure that there would be a face for the player to take a photo of behind the disembodied hands.

Vacation Simulator comes to PlayStation VR in "late 2018, early 2019".
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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