Firewall: Zero Hour Creators Discuss Tactical Combat in VR

By Sam Quirke,
Although it was announced six months ago at PSX 2017, we haven't heard an awful lot from the upcoming PlayStation VR tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour since. The silence was broken at PlayStation's E3 stage where Sid Shuman interviewed Adam Orth and Hess Barber from the game's development studio First Contact Entertainment.

In each level there is a laptop with sensitive data, and you are either the team defending it or team trying to steal it. This encourages tactical gameplay as the teams set mines, traps and bait to gain an advantage. Feedback from testers on gun play and responsiveness has apparently been great and players have been feeling the tension and danger that the developers are aiming for.

Firewall's PlayStation VR release date is "very very very very soon" according to the developers but they were unable to confirm the exact schedule.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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