Creed: Rise to Glory Developers Discuss Their Cinematic Approach

By Sam Quirke,
One of several PlayStation VR titles to be announced last month, Creed: Rise to Glory is a stylised boxing game that makes use of dual PlayStation Move controllers to provide an intense and dramatic depiction of a boxing bout. Mike McTyre and Eugene Elkin from developer Survios took a seat on the PlayStation E3 sofa to talk about the game in more detail.

In the interview, Mike and Eugene explain how they wanted to capture a "cinematic" feel to the fight, using what they called a "phantom melee" system to really make your movements feel dramatic and intense. When you get knocked down, you get knocked out of your body completely; as a ghostly form you have to rush back to your body before the ten-count which gets harder and harder to achieve in time the more you are knocked down by your opponent. You play as Adonis Creed but the story of the game sits in parallel with the movies rather than following their narrative directly. This is a single-player focused title for now but multiplayer is something the developers are experimenting with.

Along with almost every PlayStation VR game at E3 it seems, Creed: Rise to Glory is due to arrive in the autumn of this year.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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