Astro Bot Rescue Mission Developer Chats About The VR Adventure

By Sam Quirke,
If you enjoyed the cute little bots of The Playroom VR, you should keep your eye on Astro Bot Rescue Mission, an upcoming title which takes the robots on their own platforming adventure. After an announcement a few weeks ago, Japan Studio Asobi! Team's Nicolas Doucet sat down on the PlayStation E3 couch to talk a little more about the game.

In the video Nicolas talks about how the game merges a classic platforming adventure with the innovations of VR, allowing the player to dictate the view and assist their little robot buddy by using a virtual DualShock 4 controller. In the demo shown on stage the DualShock 4 could be used to fling out shuriken-like blades to chop down environmental obstacles or act as platforms over large gaps.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is coming to PlayStation VR later this year in the Fall.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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