Poll: What Did You Think of PlayStation's E3?

By Sam Quirke, 1 year ago
Just over a week ago, you — the TT community — let us know what part of the E3 press conferences you were looking forward to the most. A whopping 44% of you were most excited to hear about new IPs, while a further 30% were excited for surprise sequels. Unfortunately for the near three-quarters of you that voted this way, PlayStation's E3 presser probably wasn't the most exciting of the conferences (although we did get a few surprises — more on that in a moment). A further 10% were looking forward to an awkward on-stage moment, and in this case Sony were indeed able to provide thanks to a "short intermission" for ten minutes in the middle of the show. Less than 9% of you were most excited for more information on games you already knew about (ooh, boy...) and just over 5% had a specific conference in mind to be excited about.

Well, E3 is behind us, and it was quite a scene across the board. EA did it's usual thing, then Xbox came out swinging with all sorts of first-party announcements and exclusive reveals, then started sucking up mid-tier studios like a vacuum cleaner. Ubisoft remained as crazy and awkward as always but betrayed many by not revealing a Splinter Cell, and Bethesda... well, I don't remember anything except the 3-second logo reveal for The Elder Scrolls VI, as it blew my gullible fanboy mind. Nintendo came along later with a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal of Avengers: Infinity War proportions and also slapped Fortnite straight onto the Switch, inadvertently causing a backlash against Sony in the process.

What about Sony? Well, in my view, it was a bit of a strange and subdued affair but not without some important moments, some of which came before and after the show itself. Here's a run-down of what occurred across the PlayStation Blog, the main show and the conference-floor stage, in case you missed any of it:

The question is, what did you make of Sony's E3 presence this year? Did it blow your mind or leave you incandescently furious? Maybe something a little more restrained in the middle? Let us know in the poll below but, most importantly, leave us your thoughts on the whole thing in the comments.
How did you feel about PlayStation's E3 presence this year?
  • Amazing from start to finish!6.1% (10)
  • Mostly great, but a few disappointments.21.34% (35)
  • Average. The highs and the lows balanced out.25.61% (42)
  • Mostly disappointing, with a few moments of greatness.25% (41)
  • Just poor. I'm upset about it.9.15% (15)
  • I STILL don't care about E3. Stop asking about it!9.76% (16)
  • Other, more complicated emotions (please explain in the comments!)3.05% (5)
We've had 164 responses.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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