Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams Just Wants You To Relax

By Sam Quirke, 6 months ago
Frost Earth Studio's upcoming VR experience Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams will invite you to relax and get in touch with your emotions as you explore its imaginary worlds, as we saw in its original announcement trailer. The studio has since shared some more details along with some new screenshots. The focus this time around is on the game's soundtrack. The unique audio experience has been crafted by expert sound designers and psychologists to provide a relaxing and emotional soundscape. The score contains tracks from a variety of artists, including Ennio Morricone, Nicola Piovani, Brian Eno, Al Jarreau and Eumir Deodato, Jon Anderson (YES), Aimée Portioli, Marco Sabiu, Pino Daniele, Capercaillie and many others.

Playing Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams, you can lose yourself in a magical forest and relax in a fairy underworld with fantasy mushrooms and vivid shrubbery. Take your time to appreciate every little detail and interact with the environment. Face your stronger emotions when moving through flames and tornados, or adventuring into a deep cave with only your lantern to light the dark around you.
The game will be continuously updated with DLC after release.

No release date has been confirmed, but Steam currently lists an August 2018 date for its version of the title. It's expected that the PlayStation VR version would appear around the same time.

We've got the full list of Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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